Postponing things

I like to postpone things. It works out for me in the short run, every time actually. For example, I had made a bet with my friend Jake that if our football team lost, he would buy me a bikini and if our football team won, I would show him my breasts.

Well, it turned out that our team won, so I had to show him my breasts. He called me on it a few days later when we were swimming with a bunch of friends.

I was like arguing that I could do it later, but he was pretty insistant.

So when no one was looking, I just flashed him my tits.


He was happy, but he didn’t quite accept it. “Breasts!” he said “Those were just your tits. You need to take the top all the way off!”

“No way – I’ll do it later, OK?”

“No, either you do it now or you have to show me your pussy some other time?”

Not wanting to show my breasts to all our friends, I said “yeah yeah, OK” and it was postponed till some other time. I forgot all about it, until a few days later when he called on showing my pussy.

We were out on the street with a couple of friends, so it wasn’t the best time, but I’m a girl of my word, so I made the effort.


When none of the others were looking, I lifted my skirt to show my pantyless pussy.


Jake was happy again, but not completely content. “That’s good, but this was an ‘extra’, remember?”

I didn’t quite, but Jake refreshed my memory. “You had to show me your breasts and because you wanted to wait, you agreed to also show me your pussy – but I still didn’t see your breasts … soo…”

“I can’t, Jake, not here”.

“Hmm, OK, you can do it later, but then I want you to be completely naked, OK?”.

I thought about it – well, I had to show my pussy and breasts anyway, so that’s pretty much as naked as you can get – and this would get me out of a tight spot here and now, so I agreed on the condition that it wouldn’t have to be in public.

He didn’t let me be for a long time, though. He came to my dorm where I live with two friends and I was hanging out with one of them


“Now” Jake just said. “Now?” I said back, then it dawned on me. He wanted me to get naked. The guy sitting there didn’t know what we were talking about and I wanted to keep it that way.

"I can’t” I said. He waved me over so we could talk a little more privately.

“You can’t just say no, that’s not the deal”

“I know, but come on, pick another time” I argued.

“Sure, OK, but then you have to give me a body massage” Jake said. “Sure” I said, having averted almost certain embarrasment.

He called on my massage services a few days later, he had arranged for a massage room for us. When I arrived, he made it clear that I still owed him nakedness and now a massage on top of that, so he was expecting a naked massage.


He made sure I undressed, made oils available to me and then he he lied on his front while I was sitting naked over him, massaging him.


I was sure he was sporting a major boner by now, probably having a great time. I was happy that he was facing down so I didn’t have to look at him look at my naked body.

Until of course, he felt it was time to turn around. This was after about 45 minutes.

Sure enough, when he turned around I found his big dick staring right at me.


I continued massaging him, trying to ignore his boner. At one point I couldn’t because he took my hand and guided it to his penis.

“Hey, naughty boy” I said.

“Not really, I said a body massage, that means all of it” Jake explained. He guess we hadn’t been too specific about that. “No it isn’t” I argued back, a pretty weak argument. “It’s part of my body, isn’t it?”

I nodded, he was right. I started massaging his penis too. Boy, he was really liking that.


After about 10 minutes more I looked at the time. “Alright, time is almost up” I said.

“What do you mean?” Jake asked back, “There is almost 1 hour left?”

“What, isn’t it just for one hour?”

“No” Jake said with authority “A body massage is always 2 hours, otherwise you don’t have enough time … for everything” he said with a wink.”

“Well, I don’t have any more time”. I had to meet my professor for question time and couldn’t be late. “I gotta go.”

“Alright” Jake said “I’ll let you go, but then you gotta do something for me too. Next time you’re going to let me fuck you, alright?”

Already with his penis in my hands and a time schedule to make, I agreed. “Alright, but no public stuff, OK?”

“OK” he agreed. I packed up and hurried to my professor.

He called me week later and invited him to come to his apartment. I knew what it was time for. We sat and talked for a while until he predictably raised the topic – of sex!


“I knew you were going to say that” I laughed.

“Ha ha, sure – well, I guess it’s time to take those panties off!” Jake said. He went under my shirt and started pulling at my panties. He slipped them off and found me pantyless under the skirt.

He undressed, sat on the couch and put me on top of him. Then he started sliding me down on his pole. He was big, bigger than the dildos I use some times. I never had a real penis inside. This was a different sensation, even though it was bigger and hard, it was also kind of smooth and soft – but in a good way!


He moved me up and down on his dick. At one point he even stood up and started fucking me while lifting me up and down. He was strong, but he did have to stop after a while. That’s when I noticed his laptop was on and so was his Skype. It seemed he was connected with someone on the other side.


The webcam was not pointing in our direction, so it was just sound.

“Your Skype is on?” I moaned, while he was still fucking me. “Ohh, yes” he said casually.

He put my on the side of the couch and continued fucking me.


Then he did something very unexpected. He guided his cock to my asshole. I squeezed my butt cheeks together so he couldn’t get access. “I want in!” he said. “No way”.

“I’m going to fuck you there, you said I could fuck you” Jake said.

“Yes, but not there” I said back.

“You promised – but OK, maybe you can do something else for me.”

I didn’t know what he had in mind, he already had his cock buried inside me. “What do you think?” he said in the direction of the laptop. “Do you want to fuck her?”

“Sure” a voice said back.

“And cum all over her?” Jake then asked.

“Sure” a voice said back again.

“Then you can skip the assfuck” Jake said to me, “it’s up to you”.

His cock was still inside me, but I really did not want any cock up my ass, so I chose to let whoever was on Skype fuck me too.

Jake finished fucking me and came on my pussy. He had the courtesy not to cum inside. Nice of him.


There was a nice surprise in the mail a few days later. “For the party this Saturday” the note said and this dress was inside. It was a little skimpy, but really nice.

I put it on and met up with Jake on the way to the party.

When I arrived, I found that I was the only girl there – and the others were most of the guys on the football team.


There was a nice little group picture and then the guys started getting very grabby. Jake had taken me to the party so I went to him and went like “what’s up?!”. I’m sure he got what I meant.

“Oh that, well, these are the people that were on Skype last week, remember, the ones you promised you would let fuck you, remember?” Jake said.

“There was just one on that Skype” I said. “One voice, yes, but I referred to them as You, as in plural. These are the people you made the promise to”.

While we were talking, they started grabbing me some more and taking my dress off.


They took me panties off too and started whipping their big cocks out.

I was in for quite a challenge. Did I really promise to fuck all these guys. It didn’t seem quite fair, but here I was, naked and in front of a lot of big boys, expecting it of me. Seems I did in fact make this promise, from their point of view, whether I did it or not.


I started working my way through all the guys, actually trying to make them cum, but each guy replaced the next before I could be done and eventually I just had 8 big black boners pointing in my direction.


My mom taught me a couple of things. Always keep a promise. And that people have different ways of understanding a promise and it’s always your responsibility to make sure they understand it right.

Well mom, I hope you’re happy.


They lined up behind me in an orderly line and then the first guy starting inserting his cock in my pussy. It was even bigger than Jakes but it felt very good.

In front of me, a couple of guys were competing to put their cocks in my mouth for me to suck. I thought I better keep them hard or this could take all day.



After about 20 minutes, one of the guys I were blowing started cumming right in my face. I was about to protest, but remembered what Jake had said to the person on Skype, that they would cum on me.

One more came on me, then they suddenly sat me down on the floor and all pointed their dicks right in my face.


After the last guy came on my face, I looked up at Jake holding a camera. “Smile!” he said.

“Jake!” I just said. He knew what I meant. Him taking video of everything part of the deal – but I’m sure he would say that it wasn’t not part of the deal either.

“Jake, the video … delete it” I said.

“Oh” Jake said, he paused and smiled “Well, this town has a hockey team too…”

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