Ready for sex

My girlfriend and I had been going out for months and it was great, she was the love of my life, no less. One key thing was missing, however. We hadn’t had sex yet.

My girlfriend was simply too nervous about it. Her parents had scared her to make sure she wouldn’t have sex too early, but maybe they did too good of a job, because now she was too scared to even contemplate the thought of sex, and I’m sure that, after all, was not the intention of her parents.

We went to the doctor, the thinking being that it’s a stronger authority figure than even her mom.


“Hi doc, thanks for seeing us”

“No problem, have a seat. This is your first time here, right?”

We both nodded. “Yes, we haven’t had any reason to come by”

“So, tell me, what symptoms are you having?” The doctor asked, trying to understand why we were there.

“No symptoms actually, we are doing OK” I explained.


“That’s good news. But tell me then, why did you make this appointment?”

“Because … my girlfriend … we … we have some concerns about having sex” I explained the situation, poorly.

“OK” he said “Then let me take a look at you”. He instructed her to take her clothes off. She gave me a short nod and I nodded back, acknowledging her. Forget sex, even nudity in front of a doctor made her uncomfortable.


“Now girl, it is good that you came here. Too many young people rush into sex without getting checked out properly first.”

He instructed her to sit in the chair with the gynecology equipment. Again she got a nod of acknowledgement from me.

She got into the chair and while the doctor investigated her pussy, for some reason she felt like she had to protect her breasts and kept hugging them throughout. Kind of pointless, but it gave her some kind of sense of control I guess.


“Good, it all looks fine, you’re in good shape, it seems”.

She went back to the bench and the doctor turned his attention to me for a moment. “Did you get checked out recently?”

“Not really”

“OK, please take your pants off.” As I did he instructed my girlfriend to stimulate my penis. “We need it erect for this investigation. Pull back your foreskin please” he asked me.


“Hmm, I see” the doctor said. “There are some signs that you need some analysis before you two can have sex. However, I do have a solution that you can have sex within a week from now.”

“That’s gr … good” I said, trying to not be too enthusiastic. After many months, I was getting a bit eager.” My girlfriend nodded. She had great respect for authority figures and doctors were among the highest.

“OK, so we need to run a test on you first” the doctor told me “and if you want to be really safe” he said to my girlfriend “we need your first time to be under controlled circumstances and I would highly recommend we handle that now.”

“Since your boyfriends penis is not yet checked out, we will use mine for these purposes, it is fully certified disease free and is a perfect candidate for you to have sex for the first time”.

“But…” I protested but the doctor interrupted “And after that, you can have sex all the time. But if you don’t do it like this, I don’t know if I can recommend it”. My girlfriend nodded in awe of the wise doctor and my mind was racing.

Meanwhile, the doctor took his already erect cock out, rubbed it in lube and lifted my girlfriend to his lab. He slid my girlfriend on to his cock and said “Now, please include your boyfriend by caressing his penis, he will appreciate that”


That’s how I ended up in this situation, my girlfriend jacking me off while she was riding the doctors cock.

What a doctor, taking advantage of this situation. But what could I do? Call him on his bullshit? No, that would take away from either my girlfriends belief in doctors, which would make her even more scared of sex, if she thought even a doctor would take advantage of her.

Or stop the whole thing? Well, the doctor was actually making sure me and my girlfriend were going to be able to have sex one week from now, why work against that.

And so she continued to ride him.


“Are you just about ready there, champ?” the doctor asked me. I nodded.

Then he put my girlfriend on the floor on her knees. “The cum is both good for you to ingest and for your face, so embrace it” he explained to her, while he was huffing and puffing.

“Open your mouth”

So she did and me and my doctor both sprayed cum in her mouth and on her face.


“Yes, you should swallow that, you will get used to it over time” the doctor explained, staying professional, I guess …

“Thanks” she said. “Thanks doc” I acknowledged.

“Happy to help” the doctor said “Your tests will be ready in one week” he said and turned to my girlfriend “and I will need to see you back here tomorrow for your second treatment”.

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