Relaxing office dress code

“Hilda, there is something we need to talk about”. I tried not to look directly at her as I explained the situation. We had just been in a committee and decided that someone had to tell Hilda that although we have a relaxed dress code here in the office, some times her outfits are disruptive to our concentration.


“I know we have a relaxed dress code” I explained to her “but that type of dress is not allowed in office. Your …uhm … underwear is showing” I elaborated.

Hilda apologized and complied in her own way.


I could understand why she might have taken her dress off. I had told her it wasn’t allowed. However, I didn’t understand why she took her underwear off too. I asked her.

“You complained you could see my underwear, now it’s gone and so is the problem”.

I nodded. I understood what she meant, but this is not how I meant it. “No Hilda, uhm … let me explain … well, when you dress sexy or you’re naked like now, the men in the office will want to have sex with you”.

“OK” she nodded. I was glad she understood.

She went up to me and pulled my pants down. “So you want to have sex with me then?” she asked and put my penis in her mouth and started sucking it.


While she was sucking it, I did my very best to explain the situation to her. “No, actually we don’t want to have sex with you – I mean, sure we do, but we shouldn’t. You know, this sort of thing at work can be very disruptive. We lose focus.”

She nodded but kept sucking my cock. I guess she didn’t get it.

“So you DO want to have sex with me?” she asked again and lied back and spread her legs.

“Well … yes of course” I said, trying not to offend her.

“So what’s the problem?” she asked.

I must admit, at that time I couldn’t really see the problem. I guess she was right.


I fucked her and there was no problem at all.

However, right after I came in her, I realized what the problem was.

“But this can be disruptive in the work place. It could cause jealousy. For example, if I have sex with you, then everyone in office will want to too.”

Hilda looked up at me, licking cum off her fingers, having just stuck them in her own pussy.

“OK” she said.

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