Rise to fame

Gail was browsing the web, just looking at fashion, when she coincidentally found an invitation to take part in a new reality show. She was intrigued, because she watched Survivor and other shows like that and figured she could do really well in them.

She considered herself very lucky, because the invitation said it would only be valid on that exact day and then they would accept no more applications to become part of the reality show. She filled in the application and uploaded a few pictures of herself.


Then she waited. And she waited. Then, finally, half an hour later, she got a call. “Congratulations, you have been selected to take part in the audition for our reality show!”

Gail was so thrilled but of course also nervous. But she was thinking about the fact that this was her chance to be on TV and become famous. That had always been her dream to be one of those famous people whose lives seem so much easier.

She was given the address to the audition and saw that it was in an office building where there are lot of companies, one of those with rented offices.

When she arrived at the audition later that day, it turned out the audition was going to take place in the form of a photoshoot and an interview.

The interview went like this.

“Would you kindly put on this bikini and then we’ll take some pictures of you”.


“Have you ever seen Paradise Hotel?” they asked her.

“YES!” she said enthusiastically “Is that the show!?”

“No, but it’s much like Paradise Hotel. You know, some times people go topless on Paradise Hotel. It’s not required to participate and we cannot in any way ask you to do it, but it does give good ratings. So we would like to know whether you have any problems in general with nudity”

“In general, what do you mean?” Gail asked, a little confused “There is no nudity required, right?” she asked. “No, but we would be interested in knowing how you feel about nudity here in this audition”.

Gail understood – this was an audition and although there would be no requirement for nudity in the show, they would of course pick the girls in the audition who doesn’t have that big of a problem with nudity.

“I’m OK with nudity” she then said, knowing that she wouldn’t have be nude on camera, but just had to convince them now in the audition.


She pulled her bikini top to the side and briefly flashed her breasts.

“I’d like to give you a little piece of advice, if you’re still interested in participating in this reality show.” the man said “the girls who get nude at the audition have the highest chance of getting into the show”.

Gail thought about it for a moment. She would just get nude now to get in the show, to convince them she would be likely to be nude on the show too, although she had no intention of that, of course.

She got undressed and kept a little hand in place, just to give them something to wonder about.


Afterwards she got dressed, signed some papers and went home, waiting to hear back from them.

The next morning she got the call. “You’ve been selected! You’re a contestant in our new reality show “Chicken” with a prize of 100,000 USD”

She was thrilled about the prospect of the money, but more thrilled about the fame. She was to start shooting the show the next month and they told her she should quit her current job, but that she would get food and shelter as part of the show, so she wouldn’t be needing any income during the show.

It turned out the show was about 30 girls living together in a big house and doing competitions every day. Whoever loses a competition, risks getting sent home, then you’re out of the house and the game and will not win the money.


Like Gail, most of the girls were quite pretty.

One girl was already out when this picture was taken, because she did not want to wear a bikini in public. They explained that it was required for the publicity photo and when she refused, she was out. This set the tone for everyone, how you can get kicked out of the house.

The next day, they were told to “Tell about your first sexual experience”. One girl refused and was sent home. The next day they played a game the creators of the show called “Kiss” which required each girl to kiss another girl. Everyone completed that game and no one got sent home!

They were starting to understand the system.

The next day, two girls almost got sent home. It was declared “Underwear day” and two girls didn’t want to walk around in the underwear all day with all the cameras on. Gail also hesitated, mostly because her underwear is a little flimsy.


They said they only wanted to send one girl home, but if both refused, they would have to send both of them home.

One girl finally caved and got in the underwear. The other girl was about to give up too and strip down, but she didn’t make it. She was too slow and was immediately sent home.

That’s another lesson, Gail noticed, that some times you can get sent home for being the last to complete a challenge.

She noticed the next day that something was different. The producers were more busy than usual. This was going to be a bigger contest. “Photo shoot day!” was the headline of the contest. “You will each take part in a photoshoot, the details will be explained to you at the photoshoot”

Gail was given some lingerie to wear for the photoshoot and posed for the camera.


Then the produced explained the rules to her. “If someone doesn’t participate in the photoshoot, they lose this round.” he said.

Gail nodded “Good, so I’m safe already?”

“No, not quite. If everyone participates, then all the girls wearing a bra is selected for an eliminiation challenge and will have a very difficult time not getting sent home.”

Gail thought about it. So she would be encouraged but not required to take her top off. She decided she was going to choose the known instead of the mystery and took her bra off now, so she wouldn’t get in the elimination challenge.


She had promised herself no nudity on the show, but somehow while on the show, everything seems different, now that she has been away from her normal life for a while. And here she is, topless in front of a camera that she briefly remembered is going to get broadcast to lots of people.

“Better safe than sorry” Gail said as she took the bra off.

“Actually” the producer said “If everyone takes their bra off, then we will select whichever girls are wearing panties”

“Really!?” Gail said confounded “So did they? Are the others taking the bra off?”

“You will not be able to know, so you’ll have to take a chance. If you want to be safe, then you need to take your panties off, if everyone does that, then everyone is safe. But rest assured, some girls are going to keep their panties on” he said.

Gail thought long and hard about this one. A little nudity for a chance at fame and money. What’s the big deal, she thought and took her panties off too.


She finished the photoshoot. She had dreaded a nude photoshoot, but now that it was over, it was actually kind of liberating. And now she knew she would be safe in this round.

It turned all the other girls kept their bra and panties on the entire photoshoot and all got selected for the eliminiation challenge. Two of them was selected randomly and went into another room with two producers. Then they came back out 10 minutes later. “Both are getting sent home!”

Gail couldn’t believe she had been the only one to have gone nude in the photoshoot. It was kind of crazy but also kind of good, Gail thought, because she figured this would mean that she has more courage than the others and might actually win this thing.

The next challenge was probably a bit predictable. After all the girls had heard that Gail had gone naked in the photoshoot, they knew what she was ready to do. They were told the challenge for the next day that same evening. Starting from midnight and the entire 24 hours, you are not allowed to wear any clothing at all.

“Every girl who doesn’t comply will be sent home” the producer said. 5 girls packed their bags immediately left. 5 more girls left the next morning.

The remaining 13 girls were wandering around nude in the house. Gail couldn’t believe so many girls had chosen to complete this challenge, maybe they were more gutsy than she thought.


It was clear from all these girls what had been one of the main criteria for picking the contestants. All quite good looking and almost half of them willing to get naked on camera.


With only 13 girls left, everyone knew that they were now much closer to winning the big prize.

After the next day, there would be much fewer girls left as the competition was getting harder.

“Photoshoot day!” was the headline again. “Nude?” one of the girls asked. “No” was the surprising response from the producer. “No nudity today”.

Of course, as expected by now, no nudity didn’t exactly mean that the girls would be fully dressed either.


“What are the rules today?” Gail asked. “Much like last time” the producer said.

“But, didn’t you say no nudity today?” Gail asked. “Yes, that’s true, but still it’s going to be a bit like last time. You’ll see.

5 minutes into the photoshoot, Gail was surprised to see another person joining her. It was a big black guy – naked.


“Oh, whoa, what’s going on here” Gail said.

“Oh don’t worry, he is just going to join you on the pictures too”. Gail nervously accepted, now knowing what to expected.

“Put your hand on his … chest” the producer said. Gail complied.


“Now, it’s time to see whether you have what it takes to win this contest. As promised, there is no nudity today, except his of course, but there is another challenge. The others might not complete it, so you could be the winner today. But if it’s too much for you too, then you’re out of here today.”

Gail was anxiously awaiting to hear what was in store for her.

“Put his penis in your mouth.” Gail gasped. “You don’t have to suck it, just put it in there while we take some pictures.”

She knew this was crossing a boundary she never thought she would cross, but it would be that for the other girls too, so there was a really a very high chance of winning the entire contest right now. All she needed was courage. She found it somehow and put his penis in her mouth and it growed a bit.


“Well done” the producer praised her. “You’re safe and you’re done for today”

After she came out, all the other girls were shocked too. Some were packing their bags, but not all. 6 girls, including Gail, had held his cock in their mouths. Gail now had a 1 in 5 shot at winning, but actually, as she thought about it later, she could probably win if she just put her mind to it. So far, none of the competitions had had any random element in them. Really, every girl had so far made their own choices about continuing.

When she woke up the next morning, she was dreading the challenge of the day. It had become more and more difficult each day. A message was left for them. “Come to the pool.”


All girls got undressed and came down there. “Today your challenges are done with another girl, meaning you are not alone when you do the challenge, so you will at least know how far the other girl is going.”

There was a bed down by the pool. Gail and Kathy were selected to compete together and were now trying to play it cool to each other to psych the other one.


Then something unexpected but actually to be expected happened. Two guys came to them and they were asked to pose with them.


Gail was immediately thinking it was going to be another session of holding cocks in their mouths. She wasn’t completely right but she wasn’t wrong either.

The guys undressed and sure enough, the girls were told to put their cocks in their mouths. But this time they were supposed to actually suck them. It wasn’t much of a jump to this from where they’d just been yesterday, so both girls went ahead. If they hadn’t they would get sent home.


“Good, you both passed the test, in a way you are on the same team, because if you both complete the entire challenge, then you are still in the game and the others are out.

The next challenge is to get naked and continue sucking their cocks. Both girls had sucked their cocks and been naked, so it was not much different to do both at the same time.


“OK, well done both. Now it’s time for you to get down on all four on the bed.” Both girls complied and the rest happened very naturally. The two guys starting fucking them. None of the girls were ready to quite in front of the other one and so both went through with it.


The next challenge was a different position


Gail completed the challenge along with Kathy, when the two guys came. At any time they could have backed out and hoped that someone else backed out even earlier, but they both played it safe and completed the entire challenge.

One of the girls didn’t complete it, she actually gave up immediately, before even getting undressed. That would probably have been nice to know.

So now there were only 5 girls left in the competition. You may think that the competition is then very close to coming to an end, but that isn’t actually the case – these 5 girls completed all the challenges every day, none of them gave up.

One of the reasons why the show was able to go on and on was of course that the 4 other girls were in fact prostitutes paid the producers to make sure to keep the show running.

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