Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This first section is not a part of a fictional story. In 2007 there were 2,688 reports of sexual assaults involving Military Service Members in the USA. The page below is a from an official report from the Department of Defense in the United States of America. It contains the figures mentioned above.


It sounds like a lot, but it’s just 1,259 of them that’s actually rape. Meaning the rest is mostly just indecent assault and sodomy.

Ok, so let’s look a bit at what the Department of Defense did in 2007 the prevent this from happening. We can see that in the same report, it is mentioned that April 2007 was the Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


So they have an entire month where soldiers can really think long and hard about sexual assaults. It’s a fact. They even had a day that was dedicated to this cause. Did that work well? Just 1,259 rapes, so do they regard that as a success?

Well, let’s see what they have planned for 2008. Ah, here it is. This page proudly present the return of the success from last year. April 2008 is the Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


Read the entire report on


Well, if sexual awareness works the way the US Department of Defense thinks it does, they might be able to use this suggestion.

To make the military really sexually aware, female soldiers should be wearing nothing but body paint as camouflage.


Of course, this doesn’t work if those naked female soldiers just run around naked and entice the male soldiers. So it should be mandatory, that whenever a female soldier in body paint camouflage sees an erect penis, they must blow it.


Of course, this can easily evolve into something more. Then it’s important that they follow through. We wouldn’t want anyone to do anything stupid.


Although the above sounds like a weird and absurd idea, it will give splendid results, provided that the Department of Defense is already on the right track with their annual Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This strategy will give way more awareness to sexual assaults.

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  1. It will indeed yield results I'm sure, if all women soldiers are required to be naked etc…might lead to a soldiers campaign for a selective draft of supermodels too I suppose…

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