Shared shower rooms

I was standing in the shower the first morning in the dorm I moved into. To my surprise, a guy was entering the shower. He didn’t seem shy at all about going in the shower with me being in it. It seemed quite natural to him. I was in shock.


“You must be the new girl” he said “Did anyone explain the rules of the dorm to you?” he asked. I shook my head, still in shock over having a naked strange man standing in the shower with me.

“Well, the laundry room is available only before 10 pm, so people can go to sleep if they want to, without being bothered about the noise from the laundromats”.

He continued to explain different other routine rules to me, while he went about his normal business in the shower. He put soap on himself, then looked at me, and said “Let me help you there” and started putting soap on my body as well. He focused his attention on my breasts, it seemed.


“We have other rules. When using the kitchen, you have to clean up after you right after you’re done. Don’t let the pan stand there until after you’ve eaten, someone else might need to use it and the person using it, should be responsible for cleaning it up.”

While he explained, I could see he was sporting an erection from standing next to me and maybe from touching me and some times, from standing on such limited space, his penis touched me.

He started touching my thigh in a different way, until he kind of held it, lifted it and then skillfully inserted his erect cock in my pussy. The soap made it go in effortlessly.


I gave a strange sound, both in surprise and from the unexpected feeling of a cock in me on a normal Monday morning.

“You … were … telling … me … … about the rules in the dorm?” I stuttered, while being fucked.

“Oh yes, about the cleaning schedule …” I cut him off. “No, I’m thinking of the showering regulations” I explained. Those seemed to be quite unusual, judging from the unusual situation I was in right now. It certainly wasn’t normal to me that girls had to share their showers with horny boys who would take advantage of the naked soapy girls.

“Oh, showering rules, yes, after you’ve used the towel, hang it over there, the common laundry service will take it from there and wash it all”. I could feel him now cumming in me. “No, I mean this – why are you in the shower with me, doing this to me?” I asked, making it impossible to misunderstand what I wanted answered.

“Oh that” he said, “I just thought you looked kind of cute and wanted to fuck you. You didn’t object, so figured you were up for it. I have never done anything like this before. You’re quite a cheap girl, you know, accepting strange men walk into the shower with you and fuck you. I’m sure you’ll be quite popular here”

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