Sophie learns

In many ways, Sophie was a really good student. She just had a teacher that taught her things that most teachers wouldn’t. That’s what put her on the path that she is today. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to her teacher … he was maybe not what you would call a nice guy.

He would ask Sophie to stay behind after class and ask her extra questions.


“There were some things you didn’t know today” he would say. She had to agree, but there were things that many people didn’t know.

“What year was Abraham Lincoln born?” the teacher asked her. Sophie guessed “1805 maybe?”

“No, not at all. It was in 1809”. Then as punishment for not answering the question right, he made Sophie open her shirt.


He would go on. “What was the name of the first city in America?”

Sophie wondered for a moment. “Maybe it’s Washington?”

“Ha ha, Washington? It’s Jamestown of course”. As soon as the teacher said it, Sophie remembered it, but it was too late, it was time to lose the skirt.


And so it continued. “Where did the civil war being? Fort Sumner”


“What was the name of the movement against alcohol? The temperance movement”

What was really unfair, Sophie thought, was that even when she answered something right, she didn’t get to keep her clothes, but were instead given a lollipop as a reward


And then he made her read from the exercise book until she had learned all the facts that she didn’t know that day. She did become damn good at remembering historical facts, but she also learned that getting naked is a good substitute for getting out of problems.

Sophie was not content with the fact that the teacher routinely took pictures of her during these after school sessions.


As the years went by, the teacher would become more and more courageous about taking advantage Sophie. Even during class, he would go to the back of the class and fondle her breasts.

“Eyes front!” he would say if anyone was about to look at them.


He probably took it too far, when he started getting blowjobs from her, something that the other students couldn’t help but notice.

But for a long time, no one said anything, maybe because they didn’t want to take her place. For some reason, he had taken a special interest in Sophie. Sophie, meanwhile, had been conditioned to this for so long, that she wasn’t thinking there was anything wrong with it.


One day the teacher started fucking Sophie in class. That was his last day.


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