Sorority initiation – Partying

After an interesting day at Jared, the quarterback’s house, Haley slept well deserved into the morning.


“Wake up, Haley, wake up.” her sponsor said, gently shaking her.

“It’s time to go”

“But it’s only … “ Haley stopped as she realized she had lost track of time “What time is it?”

“It’s 5.30, but we’re going to a party in Sherville, it’s a 2 hour drive, so we should get moving”.

It was Haley, the photographer and Haleys sponsor. On the way they were looking at pictures again. “Remember this one?” Haleys sponsor asked the photographer. Haley caught a glance of the picture.


“Oh yes, she pretended to be fully supporting the sorority and then she backed out at the very last stage of the initiation.”

“Oh yes” the sponsor reminisced “that’s the same story with this one, isn’t it?”


They enjoyed some music and some more pictures on the way to the party. When they arrived at the party, they found a pretty standard party house, with music, booze, parents out of town – the works.


Haley is the one on the right with the yellow cup and the funny hat and the not-so-dark hair.

That’s when Haleys sponsor came to her “You have to be the craziest girl here – no one know you here, but you gotta beat any other girl – that’s your challenge.

It was a good party. Haley did not want to escalate things, but just wanted to be a little crazier than the next girl.

They got drunk and danced around. She was dancing with one of the boys, when she decided to have a little accident, Haley had a little nipple slip – of course it would be a little nipple slip. She has little nipples.


That put her on the map. Another boy noticed and she got a lot of attention. She officially in the “lead” to being the craziest girl of the part.

Zoom forward two hours and it’s group photo time – and to Haleys disappointment, another girl ups the ante – she lets this gyu grab her tits while the picture is taken. Another picture is taken and Haley pulls her blouse down for the camera.


Now she guesses it’s a draw. They’re both crazy, but who is craziest. Haley is thinking about the picture for a moment but reminds herself that they are in a different city and no one know who she is, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

“Whoa” the boy said, very drunken “You remind me of Riley Reid”.

“Who?” Haley went.

“Oh, it’s just this actress…”

After a while longer, some of the guests have gone and some are almost sleeping. The light is dim. Haley and her sponsor are walking around the party, when they notice this other girl giving a blow job, right there in the middle of the living room!


“Ohh, are you still up?”

The party is still going on and Haley must admit that she is now definitely not the craziest girl at the party.

She finds the guy she was flirting with earlier in the evening and joins the other girl in a blow-off.


That wakes the party up again! Apparently this is not normal for them, neither for the other girl. Haley notices now that the other girl is completely naked and needs to win over her.

Haley gets naked too and sees no other choice but to jump on his cock in the middle of the party.


They’re both visibly drunk.

The other party guests are cheering them on, giving them all the attention. Apparently this other girl is an attention seeker, because she also starts fucking her own guy.


Haley gets an idea and starts fucking the guy faster and faster. “Slow down babe” he says, but she doesn’t. She almost rapes him – it speeds up his time of expiry and he starts cumming in her. Haley fakes her own cumming and lets everyone see the cum oozing out of her pussy.

The other girl might do the same, but at least Haley did it first, making her the ‘crazier’ one. She won!

“Impressive” her sponsor said. “You are getting close. You made it. Now let’s forget about the challenge and party on!”

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