Staged photoshoot

We were doing a photo shoot of this young girl.


That’s me in the white shirt.


It was supposed to be for an underwear catalogue, but after we were actually done with the pictures for the catalogue, we decided to take some more pictures.

Let me tell you why. Near the end of the photoshoot, one of the camera mens’ jacket was blocking the view and I told him “Take that off, please” and pointed. The girl, however, thought I said it to her and then dropped her bra.


Everyone looked at each other when she did it. We did dozens of these photoshoots every month and it was never with any nudity, so people were not used to this. On the contrary, since we’re in the business of creating catalogues for clothing shops.

No one said anything. I was as shocked as the rest and just said “Good”.


She just smiled and looked at the camera.

One of the camera man whispered an idea in his ear and I nodded and perhaps smiled a bit too much.

“OK, Harry and John, it’s time for you to join her” … they didn’t know what to do. “So strip to your underwear and join her”.

“OK, now it’s time for some group shots and some interaction” I told the girl. She just nodded.


“OK John, put your hand on her thigh”


The camera man cleared his throat behind me and I looked back. He gestured for me to get out of the way.

We took a few group shots and ended in a setup where the girl was on her back and the boys were on either side of her. That’s when I took a leap of faith.

“OK John, lower your shorts a bit and let her hold your penis.”

“Yes” I gestured to the girl “Please hold his penis”


“OK, you too, Harry” I said and he joined in.

“No, we need to rearrange your hair a bit” I said and did so, preparing to take a few more fun pictures with this girl holding a dick in each hand.


While she held a penis in each hand, we kept taking pictures but I realized that I hadn’t really made up my mind about what to do if she didn’t stop it.

I thought to myself, should I continue to see how far I could take these fun pictures or should I just stop while we haven’t done anything bad. I decided that we were not really doing anything bad at all, it was just some fun, so I decided to check if I could take it to the next level.


Yes, you got it, I made a bold move. I asked John to take her panties off. Why is that so much more bold than what we had already done, you wonder? Well, remember where we are. This is supposed to be an underwear catalogue.

“OK, let’s focus on your underwear for the next few shots, John and Harry” – that was my excuse – “so you can take her underwear off”

As she was sitting there between them, they were standing up and the dicks were just in head height – or should I say mouth height.

“Pretend that you lick it” I said to her and made an almost obscene gesture at her, indicatiing what she should do.


I was not going to hold back now. Instead, I was going to go with the momentum I appeared to have.

“OK, pretend to be sucking their dicks now” I said and made another gesture to make it clear. “Yes, put it in your mouth and pretend to suck it”


“OK, John, you’re up, lie down under her”. He hesitated for a moment, but realizing that she didn’t, her went under her legs.

She kept ‘pretending’ to suck Harrys cock while John went under her. “OK, lower her down”. She twitched for a short second when Johns cock got in contact with her pussy, but not more than that. “Go for it” I almost whispered to John. He steered her pussy to his cock and, with some effort, was able to have her slide down on his cock.


What a turn of events in this supposed-to-be underwear catalogue shot. I didn’t have any justification why no one now was wearing underwear, but I didn’t question it any more. I just let it play out and let us all have some fun with this.

"Look in my right jacket pocket” Harry said to one of the assistants. He ran off and came back with a little bottle. Harry took a little out of the bottle, went up behind the girl and started rubbing it on her ass – more specifically her ass hole. Even now, I had no idea what he was going to do next, although it should have been obvious.


With a lot of effort, despite the lube, but clear from the girls face, Harry managed to insert his cock in her ass. He started fucking her while John was moving up and down into her pussy.

They switched positions once or twice and ended up with her sitting on Harrys cock and John fucking her in the pussy.


“Don’t cum in her” I whispered to John and he looked back at me and didn’t say anything but I could just see on his face and hear on his breath, that I had said that just a few seconds too late. He screamed out as he came in her pussy, while Harrys cock was still in her ass.

Then after John moved away a bit, Harry could lift her up and down more easily. His cock now slid easily in and out off her ass and that did the trick for Harry. He started cumming in her ass and although gravity should allow the cum to fall down, her tight cock filled ass would not.

They left the girl on the bed and we took a few pictures where cum was flooding from both her holes.

“Thanks – I think you earned a bonus” I said to the girl.

She replied “Sorry sir, me no speak english good. Porno shoot finished?”

Model: Anita Bellini/Berlusconi/Luv

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