The onlooker

So this amazing black girl put up an online ad advertising for someone who would fuck her while her friend is watching. I saw the ad and thought why not try it out. I would of course be aware of any sign that this was some kind of scam, but if it wasn’t it could be a fun experience.

We met in the park at the agreed time. “Hi, I’m Taisha, this is my friend who will be watching today” she said, referring to the big guy next to her.


“Right, so what’s your deal?” I said, trying to tease out any hidden agendas.

“No deal, other than what it said in the ad. He’d like to watch”.

It seemed she was pretty honest and also pretty pretty, so I was going to take the chance. Honestly, it might not have been my head that was doing the thinking right now.

We got to their place and she handed out a couple of beers and we got comfortable like old friends.


The dude went out and then came back and sat in the corner of the room.

Taisha smiled at me. “Why don’t you join me over here?” she asked and waved me to her couch.


I was a little weirded out by the dude in the corner but I figured I would play along.

“Ha ha” she giggled “You’re nervous, I can tell. Well, no need. Come on, stand up, I will get us started”.

She helped me take my shorts off and my cock out.

image image

She pushed me down on the couch and started sucking my cock.


Meanwhile, the dude was sitting in the background, just checking his phone. He wasn’t recording or anything, I made sure of that. He was looking at us from time to time and I immediately looked away when he did.


She gave me a little breast massage and then I was completely warmed up and stopped looking much at the dude in the corner. Instead I gave her the attention she deserved.

She got naked in front of me and so did I. Then she crawled on top of me and slowly slid down on my cock. Uhh, that was a nice fit.


I noticed the dude was looking at us, smiling now. He glanced away from time to time, but he was mostly looking now. Hmm, what if their trick was to make me get her pregnant. I made a mental note to make sure not to cum in her.

She purposefully changed out position at one point and went to the other couch. She had me fuck her doggystyle. Now I saw the dude stroking his cock.

I wondered if this was his thing or whether he was going to join in or what was going to happen. But it didn’t seem like he was joining in.


I tried not to look at him and enjoy what I had at the tip of my cock. I quite wonderful pussy, mine to fuck. And that I did. I almost forgot for a moment not to cum in her. When I was almost cumming, I pulled out, got her on the floor and moments later started cumming in her mouth and on her face.


The dude was still stroking his cock, then he left the room, probably to jack off, I figured.

We both sat in the couch, naked, her drenched in cum, me in sweat. Exhausted. “So tell me, why doesn’t he fuck you himself, his cock seems to be working well enough.”

“Oh, ha ha” she giggled and explained: “He wouldn’t want to do that. He’s gay!”

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  1. Next time can you do a story about a black guy who wins the lottery and he tricks a cheer leading coach?

    1. Not sure I understand the connection. Does he actually win the lottery? And how does that help him trick a cheerleading coach?

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