The Pyramid – Part 4: The first escort

As with Cindy, I offered Tina to come back to get a contract to get out of her debt. This contract was slightly altered:


  • You must perform one sexual favor.
  • You must bring a total of 2 girls to The Pyramid photo studio. They must accept to participate in a photo shoot and sign the contract.
  • The conditions must be completed within 1 month of the sexual favor or another sexual favor must be performed, until the conditions are complete

Instead of the nude photo shoot, I had changed the condition to a sexual favor. It was my friend Ben’s birthday and I thought this could be a great gift for him.

As with Cindy, the outlook to get out of the debt once and for all was too tempting. Tina signed the contract, otherwise she would be indebted forever and possibly risk going to jail if she couldn’t pay it off.

Ben came into the room and was presented to his present. He started unwrapping it immediately.


Tina didn’t know what to do. Ben was all naked and he was pulling her pants off first – then her underwear and then he was investigating her pussy.


By signing the contract, she had agreed to do a sexual favor, but you have to remember that this is an entirely new situation for her. She has had sex before, yes, but never as part of a business agreement. She let him do his advances and after a few minutes, he was fucking her!


Two things came to mind as my friend Ben was fucking Tina:

1. This was a really great birthday gift.

2. This was sex-on-demand and it had been completely free to get. In fact, not only was it free, but it came with an insurance that she would recruit two more girls.

This is actually the point of time which I regard as the beginning of our escort service. Even though Ben didn’t pay, it had been possible to use this setup as a gift for someone else. That’s the time I realized that this was not only a lot of fun (because it was), it was also a business idea with a lot of potential!

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