The Pyramid – Part 9: Gone wrong, but right

Last week Wendy showed that an escort service can include having sex in public – if that is what the customer wants. Because Wendy was not the youngest of girls, it reminded us that we should put requirements in the characteristics of the girls to be recruited.

It was too late for Wendy, of course, because we had already agreed with her on a contract with no (age) requirements of the girls to be recruited, so it’s only to be expected that she would find someone around her own age group. She found Clara and Clara was an easy target.

After she had signed the contract and had to work off the debt, we had found an interesting job for her. She was opening the front door in just her underwear and letting a repair man in.


It’s a little complicated, but the customer is actually not the repairman coming in now, but instead a friend of his that wanted him to have a fun experience. That means, the repairman coming in doesn’t know anything about this arrangement and he is not supposed to know – he is supposed to think he just randomly bumped into a horny housewife that happened to want to have sex with him. A nice gift.

However, what happened next, the customer, Clara or we had not thought of. The repairman had an assistant with him.


Clara was now walking around in her underwear in front of not just one, but two strangers. She was supposed to seduce one of them, but them being two there would make it more complicated.

Clara showed them the work to be done and went to the other room to pretend to read, while she was thinking about what to do.

After about 5 minutes, she got an idea. She called the repairman – (not the assistant) into the other room. Her plan was not to seduce him quickly, while the other guy was still working in the other room. Seducing him was easy – she had already done the leg work by prancing around in her underwear, now she just had to discretely touch his cock, pull it out and start sucking it. That’s seduction 101.


However, the plan was flawed. There was a reason why they arrived two people – the task at hand required both of them and the assistant came looking for the repairman. Seeing what was going on, he was not waiting to ask what was going on, instead he jumped in and participated.


Clara had a mission. She had to seduce and fuck the repairman. However, she saw no way to reject his friend. If she did, she would risk jeopardizing the entire mission and she was not going to risk finding out what would happen then – her contract might be void,

When it came to that, she also realized she had to take it to the next level with both of them. She reminded herself that she had signed to perform a non specified sexual favor – this certainly constituted one.


After they both came in her pussy, they actually finished the job that they came for originally and left. They were no wiser that they had been set up by the repairman’s friend for a nice surprise – and that made the surprise even nicer.

In Clara’s contract, the problem with the missing characteristics for the recruits had been fixed. It was stated as the rule of 25. The girls would have to be 25 years old or younger – and have a BMI of less than 25, meaning they would at least be fairly slim. That should produce some good results. They could bring in girls not matching these requirements, but then there would be no guarantee that they would be accepted as models by The Pyramid.

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