The Pyramid

Everyone knows The Pyramid now as the first real global escort service franchise. The Pyramid is for escort services, what McDonald’s is to fast food, except much higher quality, of course. However, very few know how it all started. I’d like to tell you that story now and I think you might find it interesting – not only because it didn’t start as you might expect, but the entire organization is actually organized differently than any other organization in the world – something else that very few people know about The Pyramid. That’s a story for another day. For now, I’d like to tell you how it started.

It started with a girl on my couch.


Cindy is a 19-year old girl that I hired to do modeling. She is studying social sciences and is making ends meet by taking odd jobs – in this case, modeling. The first thing to know is, that this kind of girl will not seek out modeling jobs, but when offered a nice modeling job with the potential to earn a lot of money, she might jump at it.

Now, you have to understand that Cindy is a regular student with a tight budget that needs a job – however, she is not a model and would not normally apply for modeling jobs. I responded to an ad she had put up to clean people’s apartments. The first time she came to clean my apartment, I offered a much better paying job – a one-time modeling job.

Of course she was skeptic at first, but I assured that everything would be by written contract and that she wouldn’t have to do any nude modeling – those assurances, along with the outlook to potentially earn a lot of much needed money, made her accept that type of offer for the first time in her life. I told her, which was true, that she would be able to earn as much as $10.000 on a single photo shoot.

She signed the contract and pictures were taken.


Now, there are two things to notice about this picture. Both things refer to the contract.

One thing to notice is, that her panties are partly see-through, which means you can kind of make out her pussy hair. It is true that the contract says no nudity is needed, but it also says that I get to pick the outfit that the model poses in. And you might agree when I say, she is not really nude.

Another thing to notice is, that her pose is more revealing than many other poses would be. Well, that’s because the contract says that I get to choose the poses – not an uncommon term in a modeling contract.

Of course, Cindy accepts this during the photo shoot because it’s in the terms she agreed to and because of the large potential earnings she will get out of it.

Having taken some relatively revealing pictures, it is time for round 2. She has signed up for a 2 hour photo session and she may or may not be aware that there is no limit to the amount of outfits she will be asked to pose in.

When she was given this next outfit, she was undoubtedly considering what she should do.


Several thoughts would go through her head.

  1. This would be revealing, but perhaps not in breach with the contract, because she is not nude.
  2. Breaching the contract now would not only make her efforts a waste of time, as per the contract, it would mean she would be liable for the time spent on the photo shoot. If she asked about this, she would discover that my hourly rate is very high. However, she never did ask.
  3. Although it would be uncomfortable for her to get the pictures taken, she would remember that the contract says it’s up to her whether she wants a picture published or not. That’s a nice clause in the contract that promotes her willingness to go a little further.

Given the two first thoughts, the third thought would be the one that would convince her to continue. It works as an excuse she can give herself to ignore her own judgment.

Of course, soon after continuing with the photo shoot, she would discover that the term to let the photographer choose her pose, would still be in effect.


The photographer can use this term for great effect without really breaking her contractual right to not be nude during the photo shoot. She’s not nude – it’s basically a wardrobe malfunction.


After the shoot, she would be anxious to make me aware that there were some pictures that she did not wish to have made public. Of course, that’s her right.

After she picked out the pictures she wanted for herself instead of the public, I would take a calculator and my laptop and put all the picture names in my spreadsheet, one line per picture – 5 or 10 minutes later, I would print and hand her the final calculations. As there would be around 2000 pictures in total, whereof she wanted around 1000 for herself, it would be a stack of maybe 20 pages of picture names. Next to each row, there would be a price of $20 stated – the same sales price as is mentioned in the contract. At the very bottom of the last page, it would show the total price, in this case $18.940. This was the purchase price for the pictures.

Obviously, as this girl was advertising for low-paying cleaning jobs, there is no way she would be able to afford something like that – so she would basically have to let the pictures be published.

Her payment for the photo shoot is up to $10.000. Quite generous, really. However, it’s based on a commission per picture, which has a sales price of $20. With 2000 pictures, that would be a possible total revenue of $40.000 dollars for the entire photo shoot. Of course, as I explained to her and as it’s mentioned in the contract, not all of that amount would be given directly to her. There would be a picture cost of $15 per picture, but the remaining $5 was hers (provided, of course, that the picture is sold). That would give her a potential pay of up to $10.000 for one photo shoot. ($5 profit per picture and $2000 pictures)


Cindy was not too happy when I explained the effect of this price structure. I pointed out to her, that according to the contract she would have to pay the cost of each picture, regardless of whether they were sold or not. That’s $30.000 she would now owe me for the photo shoot. No conditions, no choices, that’s the terms in the contract. She could take it to the highest paid lawyer in the country, and he would say the same thing – in fact, he’s the one who constructed this contract for me.

Cindy left the photo studio that day legally indebted to me, empty handed. Later, of course, I transferred the debt to my newly started company – The Pyramid. But that’s history.

In the continuation of the story of how The Pyramid started, I’ll tell you about the second contract that I had the lawyer create for The Pyramid. Cindy would also sign this one. Read on.

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