The rape fantasy

I have never tried anything like this. Not even remotely. This guy came up to me and my friend in a bar and started talking to us. After a while, he said he wanted to tell us a secret. He told us that his girlfriends has a fantasy where she is raped when by strangers when she opens the door. She has had this fantasy for a long while and now she had built up the courage to actually getting her fantasy fulfilled.

Her boyfriend continued telling us about this fantasy and said that when she had told him about it, he had totally backed her up and that was what encouraged her to actually do something about it. He was now looking for someone to actually do it.

“Sure, we’ll do it” my friend said. I looked at him surprised, but then tilted my head, realizing this was obviously something that could make a half-boring evening a bit more fun. “Yea, we would love to help you out” I confirmed.

“There are some rules, though” the guy explained. There is a keyword which means you have to stop – if you are too rough on her, she will say this keyword and you have to promise me that you will in fact stop if she says the keyword.

We both nodded.

“The keyword is ‘tramboline’”.

We both nodded again and he continued explaning us about how it was all set up, the address and directions on how to get there. Before we left he told us about a second keyword. “If she mentions something about prison or being locked up, that means she’s ready to take it up the ass. It’s important that you do not fuck her up the ass if she does not say that keyphrase.”

And we were off.


“I guess it’s here” I said and rang the doorbell. We had been instructed to jump on her as soon as the door opened.

We were not supposed to start talking with her or introduce ourselves – that would make her fantasy seem so much more real.


I was ready to jump on her. I had already decided that I was going to give her one hell of a time fulfilling her fantasy – I was going to be really rough on her, but still of course listen for the keyword and I was determined to stop if she said it.

Just as we had planned, we grabbed her immediately when she opened the door.



She screamed in horror as we carried her by her legs into the apartment. She was really excited and was very much focused on making this seem as real as possible. I think she actually did all she could to get free, because a couple of times I lost my grip.

I guess that’s why the fantasy demanded two guys, because one guy would definitely have a problem handling this.



She struggled while we tried to undress her. Although she was still struggling very much, I noticed that she was getting more and more tired. I don’t think she was trying to let us perform the fantasy any easier – it seemed like she was genuinely getting more tired from struggling against two guys.

My friend held her but was a bit more passive than me. I was definitely not afraid of taking charge of this opportunity. As I pulled her panties of and saw her beautiful pussy, I thanked my luck for having been given the task of fulfilling this beautiful girl’s rape fantasy.


Her screaming turned to shouting. She started shouting to us that we should get the hell out of her apartment. At that moment my friend froze for a moment, but I looked at him and saw him realize that we should only stop if she said the keyword.

It’s quite good with a keyword in a fantasy like this, because shouting “Stop, you fucking perverts, get the hell out of my apartment” is all part of her fantasy of being taken against her will by strangers.

I let my friend hold her for a few moments as I ripped my own clothes off and then I got back and helped him hold her again. I was not slow to let my dick find it’s way to her pussy.


As I penetrated her only slightly wet pussy, the shouting turned back into screaming and muffled cursing. I was still listening for the keyword, don’t think I forgot about that, but it wasn’t there.

My god she was tight. I could tell that this pussy hadn’t been fucked very often or perhaps she just wasn’t used to my size. I also think I could feel her pussy resisting the fucking – she was really not letting the fantasy turn into just plain fucking.

I was not happy about stopping, but at some point I had to let my friend fuck her as well. We switched places to the continued shouts and curses about how we were some stupid bastards and perverts.


He gave her a good fucking. She started to resist less now. I could tell she was really getting very tired now. So was I – I had been straining myself, holding her for some time now.

After a while, she shouted “You fucking bastards, I’ll get you locked up for this!”

My friend realized before me that this was the keyword that she was ready to be fucked up the ass, but I was first to shout “my turn” and we switched places again.

Wow her ass was tight. As I was struggling to press my cock into her ass, I was getting second thoughts about going first in her ass. This was actually hurting me (not to talk about her). I decided not to give up and just pressed my cock even harder into her ass


After a few minutes it started to a bit smoother and after one more minute, my cock was cock-deep in her ass.


Very soon after I had fully penetrated her ass, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I pulled out of her ass and then saw some cum drip from her pussy and I realized that my friend had already cum in her.

I was already cumming myself as I moved up towards her face and came in long spurts on her face, meanwhile my friend was holding her, making sure she would not dodge the cum.


We left her like that and as quickly as we had arrived, we left again – we didn’t think it would be part of the fantasy to hang around, drinking tea, talking about it.

We went out on the street and just stopped for a moment to look at each other, then laughed at the whole experience. We both knew we were not going to experience this again anytime soon.

“Hmm, the guy said Oak Street 34 B, right?”. “Yea?” I responded.

My friend looked thoughtful. “What was she doing in 34 C, then?”

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