The trade-off

Dan, the janitor, was walking through the dorm rooms where he was working, when he happened upon an unusual sight. Through one of the doors to the communal toilets, he saw a girl, lightly clad, to say the least, taking pictures of herself. No doubt practicing posing.

He couldn’t tell if she was actually taking pictures of herself or just play-acting. She was definitely in her own world – and regardless whether she was taking pictures, Dan was!


He got a bunch of pictures and then decided to quit while he was ahead and left without the girl knowing. When he reached home that night, he looked at the pictures again and then looked at the yearbook. He found the girl. Donna.

That evening he masturbated to the pictures and forgot all about them.

Fast forward about 3 months, Dan happened to find Donna alone in her dorm during the weekend. Most students would go home in the weekend, but Donna didn’t this particular weekend, because she had an appointment on campus Saturday night.


“Hi, you’re Donna, right?” Dan asked. She nodded but was visibly uncomfortable that Dan was intruding on her room.

“Just wondering whether this is you?” he asked and held out the phone, showing the pictures he’d taken months before.

Donna couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


Sure, that was her, and she remembered that day, she had indeed just been playing around and didn’t take any pictures but was contemplating taking some for her boyfriend, but finally decided against it. From that day she had been more firm in her belief that it wasn’t worth the risk having nude pictures circulating, because she heard many stories of ex-boyfriends sharing intimate pictures.

“You freak” she said, implicitly answering the question of whether that was her.


“Delete those right now, you have no right” Donna argued. “Actually you were in a public bathroom with the door open and I was standing outside, so I did nothing wrong” Dan lied. He knew he was on shaky ground.

“However …” he said and caught Donnas attention, who sensed an opening “Since I took those pictures, I have been obsessed with the thought of a blowjob from you. If you were to give me that, then I wouldn’t need the pictures”.

“A blowjob” Donna just said. “Now, I don’t want to pressure you into anything you don’t want” Dan said “It would certainly be fine with me also to keep the pictures. They’ve kept me company more than a few nights. In fact, it’s a pity if I’m the only one who enjoys them”

Donna shook her head. “OK, let’s get it done!”


While she was sucking his cock he said “But if you really want me to delete them, then I would like to fuck you, then I’ll delete them – I promise” Dan said.

Donna spit out his cock. “Then why am I giving you blowjob right now!? What was that for!?” she asked, confused and angry. “Just as I said” Dan explained “When you are giving me a blowjob, I don’t need the pictures, why would I? But I think you want me to delete them. I am just not ready for that, but I would trade that for a good fuck”.

“Listen, buddy, if I fuck you and you don’t delete the pictures, then I won’t trust you again!!” Donna threatened her. It was a risk Dan was willing to take and he nodded. “OK, on you go” he said.

image image

Donna pulled her clothes off and got on Dans cock which was already more than hard and ready. She guided it in her pussy and she struggled for a bit until her pussy juices started lubricating his cock and it was able to slide into her tight teen pussy.

Dan could feel he was getting too close to cumming too early and he told to change position so he would be in control and be able to control the pace. Also it would give him a much-needed break.

Dan continued fucking her, now doggy-style.


This was better. He was able to take short breaks and prolong this unique experience.

At one point, he could feel himself getting closer to cum and wasn’t going to stop this time. Instead he was able to silently grab his phone from his pocket, put it on silent mode and then he captured the ultimate picture, just as he gallantly pulled out and came on her ass, he snapped the picture, catching her open pussy, her face and the cum on her ass. Perfection.


Afterwards Dan showed Donna that he was deleting the old pictures just as promised. “See, I fulfilled my promise, so you still trust me to do what I promise, right?” Donna nodded “Yeah, as long as those photos don’t resurface mysteriously” she said “then we can keep this thing between the two of us”.

Dan nodded. “Yes, let’s talk about it next week” he said and chuckled. Donna had no idea what he was talking about, but he found out the following week when Dan and his buddy had yet another trade-off opportunity for her …

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