The visiting friend

I am working part time at the estate of the consul, mostly cleaning and repairing stuff. The consul is an important man and is thus rarely home. Mostly I have the house to myself because I work in the daytime and study at night. Some times I meet the consuls daughter when she comes home early or his wife when she is not traveling somewhere.

I had just changed back after a day of work and was about to leave, when the door bell rang.


“Hi, I’m Bella, I’m a friend of your sister, can I wait for her here?”

She must have assumed that the consuls daughter had a brother and that I was it. It seemed pointless to correct her, but I did have some thinking to do, because it would be rude to say no and if I let her wait, then I would have to wait here with her. Really annoying, since I was supposed to go home soon.


“Sure, come on in” I said and smiled at her.

“Great, we were gonna go to the pool, do you mind if I wait there?” she asked. “No problem” I said “Right this way”.

I figured if she was there for the consuls daughter, she would be home soon and then I could go home too.

“I’m going to go for a swim, can you hold my blouse?” she asked and handed it to me.


Her bikini top was some kind of mesh and I could kind of see her nipples through it. I did what I could to not make it too obvious.

“Thanks – and help me with my shorts too. They’re completely white, so they are like dirt magnets. Please, don’t let them touch the ground.”

I helped her out and took great care in making sure her shorts were not on the ground at any time. When I looked up I got an instant boner seeing her cute little bikini bottom. She might have noticed it despite my efforts to the contrary, because she gave off a cute little giggle.


She went off and swam a few times back and forth. I was just waiting there and thought I might as well sit on the edge and enjoy the water for a while. I took my shoes and socks off and rolled up my pants and sat on the edge of the pool and let me feet dangle in the water.

After a while she came to ‘my’ area of the pool and hung out there. I playfully splashed a bit of water on her.


We talked for a bit. “So how big is this house anyway?” she asked. I told her all about it. I told her that we have 5 bathrooms, 12 guest rooms, 3 kitchens, even a library. Quite a big estate, really.

“Oh wow, that must be so exciting to live here!” she laughed. “Well, actually …” I was going to correct her and let her know that I’m the hired help and not the brother after all, but she didn’t let me finish,

“You don’t mind if I swim nude, do you?”

“Mind?” I just asked back, confounded. She pulled the straps on both her top and bottom and left and was naked seconds later.

She looked at me. My mouth was open from surprise. She just smiled at me and started opening my pants.


Then she confidently took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it, every now and then looking up at me and smiling. I smiled back – it was the only polite thing to do.


Just when I was starting to really enjoy it, she looked up at me and smiled again. “Come with me” she said and giggled. She went towards a soft cushion we keep near the pool to relax.

I followed her like a dog on a leash.


I was completely hard and turned on. She kept me waiting a bit more, for some reason wanted to talk more about the rooms in the house. “Where is the master bed room? Where did you say the library is?” things like that.

I guess it turned her on, because as soon as I answered all her questions, I don’t even remember half of them, she put me on the cushion and continued what she started.


“Lie down” she said. I tried touching her hair, but she pushed my hand away and continued sucking my cock.

At any time I thought something was going to happen to ruin this amazing thing. Like the consuls daughter walking in or the girl saying ‘hidden camera prank’ in my face or something like that. But it didn’t happen.


She stopped and then smiled at me again. Then in super slow motion, she climbed on top of me and inserted my cock in her.

“What the fuck is going on” I thought to myself, but said nothing. Didn’t want to jinx it. There was something about my cock getting buried in her tight pussy that made me forget how strange this situation was.


She was going so slow and laughing – like she was almost fucking with me, which she was, by the way, quite literally.

I decided to take control of the situation and turned her over. My cock never left her pussy as I got behind her and started fucking her.


For the finale, I turned her over on her knees and fucked her doggy style. She’d kept pretty much quiet till now, but she started moaning loudly. For a split second I was worried that someone might hear us. But even if someone was home, they would probably not if they were not in this part of the house.

I fucked her faster and could feel I was coming to a climax.


I figured since I barely know this girl, I’d do her the courtesy of pulling out before cumming. And boy did I cum. She giggled again.

“Ahhhhh” I said as I was cumming on her butt. “You’re funny” she said and smiled.


“Where was the bathroom again?” she asked me. I pointed her in the right direction. She grabbed her shorts and shirt and left. I stayed on the cushion for a minute until I realized how weird this would look if someone came in. I quickly got dressed and waited for a while.

After 15 minutes, she still didn’t come back and I decided to go look for her. She was in none of the bathrooms and I couldn’t find her anywhere else. I never found her. I decided to just clean up and leave.

When I came back the next day, I went to find the consuls daughter, to tell her that her friend had been waiting for her, but left before she’d come home. I was just about to tell her, but before I could she said “Do you know where my jewelry is? It’s gone!”

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