Types of accidental celebrity nudity – Publicity shots

The cousin of glamour shots, but the big difference here is, that publicity shots are made on purpose by the celebrity. Whenever a new movie or CD comes out, they don’t just take the single picture that is used for the actual promotional material – they take hundreds, some times thousands of pictures and then they choose the best one.

For example, for the movie Zombie Land, they took this picture of Emma Stone, just in case they needed it.


Of course, Emma Stone put a clause in her contract saying they could only use it with her express permission and under certain conditions, some of which were monetary. These kinds of pictures are taken for most movies – many, anyway, but the pictures not used are kept very safe and secret. Zombie Land is an exception. The computer of the producer was hacked and the pictures leaked. That was a very expensive ordeal for the producer, because he had to pay Emma Thompson the same amount as if he had actually chosen to use it.

This pictures of Christina Ricci is another common scenario for publicity shots that were never used (and later leaked)


The publicity shot is for the tv show Pan Am. If you don’t see anything strange about that photo, perhaps you should click it and see it in full size. It’s worth a click.

Some publicity photos are made as an insurance policy that the celebrities will do enough promotion work for the movie. For example, Keira Knightley had a clause in her contract saying, that if people, within two months of the premiere of the third Pirates of the Carribean movie, did not have a interest ratio of over 60%, this publicity photo would be used in promotional material.


Keira Knightley made the movie famous, but the picture was leaked all the same.

Other publicity shots are just revealing by pure accident. This movie poster was printed and published to 300 movie theaters before the error was discovered by an attentive 15 year-old ticket counter boy at a local movie theater.


Go ahead, click and look closer.

Some celebrities have their most revealing publicity photos taken while they are in the beginning of their careers, although most keep having them taken throughout. One example of an early-career picture, is this one of the lovely Megan Fox. She was trying to get her career rolling in a french movie which contained quite a bit of nudity.


The movie never made it outside the borders of France, mostly because it was considered a poor softcore nudity horror movie, but also because it was in French and never synchronized nor subtitled.

This poster was not used by the producer, simply because they liked another poster better.

Probably the most interesting leaked publicity photo is the one of Christina Ricci in her breakthrough movie, The Speed Racer. She was certainly hot in that movie, but if you remember, the movie was highly experimental with 3D graphics in a very new way – and no one knew how the audience would accept it. That’s why everyone in the movie had to invest in it and the producers needed a lot of insurance to make sure they would not all go bankrupt. They convinced Christina Ricci to have this publicity photo taken – just in case.


They promised her the photo would not be published unless it seemed the movie was gonna lose money. Well, they never used the shot and the movie made lots of money – but eventually the photo was leaked. It was probably just TOO good not to leak.

However, it makes you think – how many publicity photos exist out there, that has not yet been leaked … ?

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