Unplanned outcome of poker game

I actually like to play strip poker. I am always strapped for cash, today more than ever, and I like the excitement of winning money. Okay, some times when I’m unlucky, I end up showing my breasts to my neighbors (with whom I play), but that’s not so bad. Many times I go topless at the beach.


Let me tell you how strip poker works. We play for money, but when we’ve got no more money, we can make additional buy-ins with our clothes. I like when Harry loses his shirt. He’s not so good, so it’s almost always me or Tom that wins. Fortunately, Harry likes to play even if he loses money.

As I said, today I’m strapped for cash. I have almost no cash, but enough to get through the month. I am hoping that I can make some money from this game.

I start out being quite lucky – this is my day. I’m sure I’m going to win a lot of money today. Harry loses his shirt as always. Ha!


If everything was going according to plan, Tom and I would soon have all his money (and his clothes).

At the next hand, I had two aces and Tom wasn’t looking very confident with this hand. This was my chance to get ahead, so I first betted casually – when Harry matched it, I went all in! Harry called, but was distraught when I showed him my two aces. He showed me and Tom his cards. “I lost, right?”

Oh no. “Ha ha, no you didn’t, Harry. They are all hearts, so you have a flush.”

How unlucky. Harry won and he didn’t even know it. I lost all my money – that’s all I have! I had no choice but to get some of it back and make a buy-in with my top. I would have to win just enough to the rest of the month, then I would stop.


I usually stopped after losing my top, because I didn’t want to risk losing my panties. Today I had to continue, because I have absolutely no money and I have to shop for food tomorrow!

Harry and Tom were good sports. Even though they had won back their shirts, they left them off, so I wouldn’t feel to uncomfortable, being the only one without a top on.

I won a few hands, but the bets weren’t high enough, so I didn’t get enough money from that. I kept getting average cards – alright, but not too good. The only way to win a lot of money with average cards, is to bluff. When there is some money in the pot, you go all in and look confident – and hope that the other plays do not dare to call, because of all the money they’ll lose, and you win the pot.

I do that often, but never when I’m topless. That’s my advantage – if I do it now, the guys will think that I REALLY have a great hand, because they know I would never bluff when I’m topless. So it’s kind of a double bluff.

I could see $20 in the pot. That would be enough for the rest of the month, so I would just have to win this single game, and I could leave with enough money. So I bluffed.

“Ah, great cards – how lucky I am. I go all in!” I said.

Tom immediately called! Oh no. He didn’t have a great cards, just a pair of tens. But it was better than mine, I had nothing. I relied on my bluff to work. That’s it, I would have to lose my panties.


“Come on – you lost them fair and square” Tom said, pulling down my panties. I tried to convince him that I wasn’t being serious about going all in – I also pleaded to them. “Please no, not my panties. Give me another chance.” Of course, they were right – I did lose them. Even though I had never lost them before, I guess it’s quite fair that I lose them now. I DID go all in and I DID lose the hand.

So I let them take off my panties. There I was, all naked … and poor too. I still didn’t have any money, other than a few dollars from the buy-in with the panties.

I played a few more hands, hoping to catch a break with my last money. And there it was! Three sevens! That’s a great hand – it almost never happens to have 3 of a kind. I was sure to win.

“I go all in” I said, hoping that the boys would call me like they did last time. “He he” Tom laughed. “All in, you say. You only have two dollars, so you would just win 4 dollars”

Tom was right – I hadn’t thought of that. I would definitely win, but only 4 dollars. How terrible, now that I finally had a great hand. “But … can’t I make another buy-in?”

“Look at you” Tom said. “You’re naked. A buy-in with what?”

Hmm, what could I offer them. What could any naked girl in a bed with two boys offer them? I knew about one thing that would constitute a buy-in. I was definitely not ready to do that, but it would never be relevant – because I was going to win with my three sevens.

“I could … you could” … I didn’t know how to say. “You know …” I lifted my eyebrows. Tom tried to help me. “Basically, you are saying, we can have some fun with you with the last buy-in?

“Right”. Finally, I could go all in and win some real cash with my great hand. “I go all in”.

I had expected them to think about it long and hard, and then finally deciding it was worth the risk, considering the reward, and they would call. The result being, I would make a lot of money. That didn’t happen.

Harry called right away and showed his cards. Three jacks. Three jacks. He had three jacks. I was stunned. I had lost with my great hand of three sevens.

I knew what had to be done, and there was no point in fighting it. Considering the state of Harry’s cock, he also knew what had to be done.


image image

They weren’t letting me off the hook or let me take it easy. They went on for an hour, both of them. When I complained my pussy was sore, they continued in my ass hole.

image image

When they were done, cum was dripping from my mouth and my ass hole. I was so exhausted, that I went to sleep almost immediately. When I woke up, cum was also dripping from my pussy and cum was on my breasts, in my face and on my stomach. Apparently they had fucked me again while I was sleeping. Whoa, I was sore.

I stumbled out in the kitchen, still naked and cum dripping from every hole in my body. In the kitchen was Tom, Harry and 2 more guys. “We let some friends have some fun with you too, while you were sleeping”. I didn’t expect that. “What? You guys fucked me too?” They nodded. “Yeah” Tom said. “Them and 9 other guys but they already left”.

I was completely violated. Well, I did lose the poker game and our agreement on what EXACTLY they could do to me, wasn’t completely clear. Although I wished they hadn’t taken that much advantage of the game, it was probably quite fair.

I will think twice before I play strip poker with my neighbors again!

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