Wearing a short skirt

I like to wear short skirts like this. It makes me feel sexy to wear a short skirt and show off a bit of skin. In the beginning I wore knee-long skirts but over the years, I’ve become comfortable with shorter and shorter skirts.


Besides feeling sexy in a short skirt, I also like the physical comfort of it. Now, you may not notice, but I am in fact not wearing any panties under this skirt.

I live in a warm climate and wearing a short skirt with no underwear not only makes me feel sexy, it also allows air to cool me down, improving my comfort.

I know that I’m not the only one that likes when I’m wearing short skirts. I also get compliments from some of my brothers friends. Here I am with one of them now.


This boy is sweet. He always brings a flower for me when he comes to our house.

When I lie down like this, I am kind of conscious about the fact, that if he was standing in just the right angle, he might be able to get a little glimpse of my bare pussy under my skirt – but of course, he doesn’t know that. That makes it kind of fun for me.


Some times before he left, he would give me a little kiss on the cheek. I don’t mind that, I find it sweet.

That’s why I don’t put too much into it when he started kissing me on the butt cheeks instead. I figured one cheek is as good as the next.


Some times he would walk up behind me and kiss me on the cheek – my actual cheek. I would have a sense that he was kind of sexually excited, because I could swear that I could feel his boner poking at me from behind.


Some times, by accident, his boner would actually nudge a bit against my pussy under my skirt. I mean, I’m sure that he was not aware of exactly that, since he couldn’t see anything under my skirt, but somehow he might have subconsciously known, because it sure did excite him. I could feel it.

From time to time, he would actually penetrate me. I mean, under the circumstances, this is bound to happen. His penis would slip in and then he would usually start moving me up and down on his penis.


How much of this was subconsious, I didn’t know. But it wasn’t like sex sex – more like friendly sex. Like kiss-on-the-cheek sex.

It is not uncommon that he would cum in my while accidentally getting in contact with my pussy like this. This is of course an unavoidable physical reaction under the circumstances. Perhaps on some level, he knew what was going on.


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