Wish for Christmas

She was a little too old to be sitting on Santa’s lab – or maybe she was just old enough?

I went through the normal routine, of course, regardless of her age. “Hello – and what do you wish for Christmas?”


“A pony”, she said, just like any girl would. That’s of course a little unrealistic to give out in a mall, so I offered her one of the already wrapped gifts with a $2 gift in them. “What about this one?”

“No” she said. “I really want a pony. I know you are the real Santa Clause and that you could give me a pony if you wanted to”

She seemed serious. Was she really believing in Santa Claus at her age? I decided to play along.

“Ok, you caught me, I’m the real Santa Clause – but if I’m going to give you a pony, you have to be a good girl. And be good to me”.

“Yes, I’ll do anything” she said. That’s one of the sweetest sounds in the world – hearing a girl say that.

“I can only give out real presents when I am joyful. Most people don’t know it, but I get much of merriment from Mrs. Clause and she’s not here right now. So you understand why I can’t give you that pony …”

“Why?” she said, not giving in. “What does Mrs. Clause do to make you merry?”

“Well” I said, and looked around. “First she opens my pants”. As I finished the sentence, she opened my pants, just like Mrs. Clause would have done. My dick fell out.

She was really going to do what Mrs. Clause usually does.

“Then, Mrs. Clause puts it in her mouth and sucks”

She nodded and put my dick in her mouth and started sucking.


“Owww” … she didn’t quite get it. “No, not like that, she does it more gently than that. Yes that’s it”

She was really making me and my instrument merry.

“There” she said, satisfied that she had done what Mrs. Clause used to do, to make me merry and start giving out gifts. “I did it, now are you merry enough to give me that pony?”

“Hmm, no, this is all wrong” I said “Mrs. Clause is usually not wearing any clothes for the next part.

“Oh, there’s another part to this? How many parts are there?” she asked, impatient to get that pony.

“Only two parts, but the second part only works of you are naked. And you’re not naked, so it won’t work. Sorry, you’ll have to get that pony some other way.”

Her eyes lid up. “There’s only one more part, and then we are done? What about I take off my clothes then – then can we do the second part?”

She started to pull down her jeans and take off her top.


After some clumsy moments, she was finally out of her clothes.

“There, I have not clothes on, just like Mrs. Clause. Now, what was that second part?”

“Oh yes, the second part”. I stood up and pointed to the throne. “Put your knee on the throne and your leg on the ground … and bend over”

“Like this?” she said. Oh yes, that was perfect. “Yes, just like that”

I pushed my cock into her pussy.

“Am I going to get that pony now?”


“You are a good girl. Good girls get what they wish for”

“Really? I’m a good girl? I’m going to get that pony?”

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