Woman on my vacation

“Oh, I gotta tell you about this one woman who I saw on my vacation!” Jake told excitedly to his friends.

“Whom” Donald corrected him. “Yeah, whatever” Jake and the others ignored him and Jake continued.

“I was this hot milf. She USED me!” Jake said. “How?” Donald asked.


Jake explained. “She had a really sexy look and you know I was at the pool with my family all week – well she was there at the pool every day. And that bathing suit. It was completely white and kind of see-through. It drove me wild the first night and when I went out again the next morning I couldn’t help but look for her”.

“She wasn’t in her usual chair so I sat down and ordered a beer, then I saw her. She was in the pool. And that white dress got wet and it was just the most irresistible sight”


“My eyes may lingered for too long, because she looked straight back at me, right in my eyes and gave a nice smile. Yeah, she figured I liked what I saw, but I doubt she knew just how revealing that bathing suit was.” Jake said.

Donald then said “Or maybe she did, who knows”. Jake nodded “Yeah, but that’s not really the point of the story, jerk”. Donald nodded again “Or is it?” he asked.

“SHUT UP” the others said and gestured at Jake who continued the story.

“Well, she got out of the pool and get this, the whole suit was completely see-through. I almost came right then and there!”.


“I had to pee – no really – and went back to my room. When I was about to go back out, I found her standing in the doorway.” Jake continued.

“Do you have a towel in here” she asked.

“I gave it to her and she slipped the suit off and dried herself right there in front of me in my room. I had the biggest boner, because of the whole situation and she was hot” Jake said and Donald interrupted. “And she was a girl in your room” he said and the other giggled.

“Yeah, that too” Jake admitted.

“She got on the bed on all fours and then looked back at me. She just said ‘well?’ and then I knew what time it was.


“I fucked her so much, I couldn’t believe how much I could keep going and I probably gave her the best fucking I have ever given anyone. The big window to the pool area was open and anyone could look inside, but I didn’t care”


“After we were done with some of the best sex I have ever had, she put her bathing suit back on. Still see-through, I almost got an erection again. She asked me whether I wanted to go again tomorrow. Of course I nodded”.

“Then what happened?” Donald asked

“I’m gonna tell you” Jake assured him. “I said of course yes, but she had a condition. The said all she brought on this trip was this bathing suit and she wanted me to walk around next to her, stark naked”

“And did you?” one of the others asked.

“Oh yes, and every time her hot see-through bathing suit gave me an erection, we went behind a shed or into a room and fucked like the world was ending”.


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