Yes Girls’ Society

Have you ever seen the movie “Yes Man”? Well, it’s my favourite film. It’s Jim Carrey playing this guy who changes his life around for the better by promising to himself that he must say yes to every opportunity. It leads him to an exciting life and it’s really very inspiring.

That’s why I was very happy to join a small club at our college, called the Yes Girls’ Society. It’s not easy saying yes to all suggestions and opportunities, so we’ve formed this club, where we must all say ‘yes’, as they do in the movie – and we support each other in keeping true to our promise.

That’s why I’m right here right now, outside the door of one of the guys from school, holding a dildo. He went up to me and asked if I could help him find a good dildo as a present for his sister. I thought it was very inappropriate, so this is exactly the kind of thing that I would usually say no to. But when I was asked, I looked around and saw other members of the Yes Girl’s Society, and I could see in their eyes that this is of course counts as an opportunity and that I should say yes.

He couldn’t believe it when I agreed. So here I am.


That dildo is the one that he has picked out. He doesn’t know anything about dildos so he wants my opinion about it.

“It’s quite big, but it looks alright” I told him. He nodded. “Oh, alright. Let’s have a closer look” he said.

I kept re-assuring him that it would probably be alright, but he wasn’t satisfied. Then he got this naughty look in his eyes. “Perhaps you should try it on” he said, half laughing. He laughed of embarrasment because he knew that was totally out of line, so when I rejected his ridiculous idea he could say it was just a joke.

What he didn’t know was, that I was going to say Yes to this suggestion.

“Yes, I will try it on” I said. I pulled off my panties. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.


He lifted my skirt and very gently tried to nudge it against my pussy. He was insecure about the whole thing. He certainly hadn’t expected me to say yes. I mean, I know he hoped I had said yes, but he didn’t think I would actually do it.

I was very much living the Yes Girl’s life. I would never have been in this situation right now, had I not been a member and said yes to this.

He nudged it longer and longer into my pussy as it wettened. “It’s fine” I said – I was still there to evaluate it for him.

The guy was getting more courageous, as it seemed I would say yes to anything. And I would. “How do you think this feels compared to a real penis, say my own?”

“It feels fine” I repeated, with the dildo almost pussy-deep inside my pussy.

“Yea, but let’s compare it to how my penis feels, right?”

Right now I damned being part of the Yes Girls’ Society, but this was exactly why we had formed the club. So we could work up the courage to nsay yes to those things that we really never would say yes to.

“Yes” I replied.

“All riiight!” he said. His cock was already struggling to get out and he let it out. I was already wet from the dildo and his cock slipped right in.


He was so excited about the whole thing, that it didn’t take more than a couple of strokes before he came in my pussy. “Wow, you’re incredible” he said.

“Thanks. I think you can give that dildo to your sister now – perhaps clean it first.” I said, ending the whole session.

He just repeated “Wow” as he stood there, lost in his own thoughts. I let my skirt fall down and I left his house. I didn’t put on my panties, because cum was still dripping from my pussy, so my panties would get dirty if I put them on.

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