A week with Padme – Thursday

Having fully confirmed that simple tricks can bring REAL results, I decided to try it on a real life diplomatic issue. I had long tried to reobtain good standing with the foreign minister of the province Hutunang, but with no luck. I had somehow offended him and was unable to get him to talk to me, let alone promise me to let us renegotiate the terms for trading with the honey they have in that region.

I put on what I would call a challenging outfit. Challenging for him to ignore. I then went to to the lobby of a hotel where I knew he was having a meeting, waiting to bump into him.


It was impossible for me to arrange a meeting with him, but I was confident that he would agree to an ad-hoc meeting as soon as he saw me.

“Mr. Minister, over here” I shouted, when he was about to leave the hotel. Gotcha. He saw me and changed direction, heading directly for me.

“Padme, what are YOU doing here?” he asked, obviously checking me out.

“Waiting for you, Mr. Minister – I would like to re-negotiate our trade terms”

I was now already satisfied that I had gotten him in conversation, something that I hadn’t been able to do for months. Even if I he just rejected to negotiate anything, it would still be a partial success.

“Sure, let’s do it in the privacy of my room” he said, and started walking towards the elevator.

That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I thought I shouldn’t let this opportunity get away, though, and ran after him. We went to the 15th floor along with two guards. When we arrived at the room, the two guards stayed outside and me and the Minister went inside alone.

“If I let you re-negotiate, what are you going to do for me in return?” he asked, looking at me, obviously hinting at something sexual. It was especially obvious, because he was unpacking his erect cock while he was saying it.

I didn’t want to completely reject him – I wanted to tease him, get him to promise rengotiation. Then leave. I let him position me in doggy style. I didn’t let him fuck me though. “Well maybe”, I said, “Do you promise right now that you will let me re-negotiate”.

“Well, that all depends” he said and moved even closer. He started moving the tip of his cock into my pussy, when I insisted that he promised. “Promise!?” I said, and pressed my butt cheeks together, trying to make my point clear with part of his cock in my pussy.


My thigh muscles were strong enough to not let him penetrate me any further. It was only a few seconds until he finally caved. “Ok, I promise!" he said, and started pressing harder. “Great” I said, got up immediately and left his room. I got what I came for. Why let him do anything else.

I had received a deal that I would never otherwise have received. What an incredible day. And I didn’t even really have to do anything for it. Ok, I let him touch me a bit, but didn’t have to let him go too far or anything. I had really found an invaluable diplomatic weapon here.

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