A week with Padme – Friday

At this point, I had completely stopped wearing anything when I was on official duty. Of course, I knew I was getting a lot of attention, even from people from whom I could get nothing for my planet, but that’s ok.


I decided to test my luck. I went to the planet of Genboo. We have no trade relations with them, because we’ve never really succeeded in talking to them for more than 5 minutes at the time. For some reason, every President of Genboo have a very short attention span.

Today I decided to try my new technique on the president of Genboo. I went to their planet, without even bringing any clothes. When I landed in the president’s dedicated landing space, 50 servants went out before me, getting ready to present me. There was a team of 8 trompetists, blowing a fanfare when I was coming out. The president had been notified about my arrival and his representative was standing outside, waiting for me to come out, just as protocol requires.

When I came out, completely naked, the representative raised his eyebrows. “What a pleasure to see you here?” he said. Already I was getting better treatment than ever before.

“I would like to see the president” I said, and waited for his response. He stood there, looking up and down at me. “We’ll see about that” he said. I was amazed – this is the closest I’ve ever been to getting a meeting with the actual president.

“He might be available tomorrow” the guy said. “Please, let me lead you to your quarters where you’ll stay until tomorrow.”

When I was getting settled in my room, I heard some knocking on my door. It was the representative, wearing a robe. When I opened, he went in without even asking if it was ok, closed the door and dropped the robe. He was all undressed and by the looks of him, he had some expectations of me.

I decided not to reject him, but play along for a while, sitting on him playfully after he had laid down on the bed. “So you’re gonna let me talk to the president tomorrow?” I asked. “Well, that all depends” he replied. I knew what he wanted. What every man wanted of me. But I wasn’t going to give it to him.

However, at that moment, I thought of a clever trick. I sat on him with my back to him, so he couldn’t see what was going on. I then cleverly put his cock in my asshole. I wasn’t going to have real sex with him, you know, in my pussy, but I was gonna let him believe it for a while, by letting his cock into my asshole.


The trick worked out perfectly. He made some very convincing sounds of pleasure, even though it wasn’t real sex. I let him move his cock in and out of me, as if we were having real sex, all the time trying to stop myself from laughing of the funny situation. Here he was, thinking he was having sex, but he was just fucking my asshole.

He even came in my ass. I guess the power of imagination made him and his body believe he was having actual sex and it affected him so strongly, that he actually came in me, just as if he was having real sex.

When he left, I couldn’t believe my luck. Ok, he didn’t really promise that I would see the president, but I think it seemed pretty probable now – and I hadn’t really done anything to get it. He didn’t know that, though.

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