A week with Padme – Saturday

The next morning when I woke up, another one of the president’s representatives was standing next to my bed. He hadn’t knocked or anything, he had just come in. My own servants were still in the room though, looking at me, asking with their eyes whether it was ok he had come in. “It’s ok” I said, and they relaxed.

“It’s ok” I said again, and shifted my eyes towards the door. They understood that they should leave. I wouldn’t want them to interfere with any diplomatic negotiations. The representative didn’t waste time. He dropped his clothes and laid himself down on the bed next to me. I immediately knew that he had heard a story from the other representative, and wanted the same treatment. It’s like giving him a tip or a bribe, except it’s free.

My little trick, sitting with my back to him, letting his cock into my ass instead of my pussy, had worked beautifully yesterday. I decided to repeat the succes, hoping he wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t really real sex.


It worked. At least, I’m pretty sure it worked, because immediately after he came in my ass, he said almost like the other guy did, “You might see the president yet”. He then left.

I felt good. Well, not physically, because my ass was quite strained by now. But you know, it’s like after a really good workout. Your limbs ache and your body is tired, but it somehow feels good because you know it’s the good kind of tired. You know you’ve done something good and the aching is actually the proof.

I was encouraged by my recent success in not getting completely rejected yet and decided to go to the audience room. I had seen the sign on the door earlier and knew that’s where I should go. To get an ‘audience’ with someone, is just an old fancy way of saying that you are having a meeting. It’s like the royal way of saying ‘meeting’

I went in there, of course still naked, and sat on a red couch in the middle of the room. It was a beautiful room with sculptures everywhere, mirrors all around and fancy gold statuettes. I noticed a bell and decided I would try to ring it. Why not, I thought.

After less then half a minute, a guy entered the room and went straight for me. He introduced himself as the man who tastes all the food before the president. You know, in order to ensure it’s not poisinous.

“I need to get a taste of you, before the president can see you.” I was stunned – he was actually talking about letting the president see me. “Spread your legs” he said. I did as he commanded. After this morning and now getting this close to getting access, I was not about to make a fuzz about some simple commands.

He opened his jacket and pulled out his cock while closing in on me. This time I couldn’t make any clever trick and I didn’t have time for it either. I let him penetrate my actual pussy.


I had previously decided that if that was what it would take, I would let the president himself have his way with me, however he wanted. This was not the president, but it was a sure pre-requisite for seeing the president and if he was not allowed a “taste”, I knew there was no chance in hell I was ever going to see the president. So I just let him fuck me and smiled.

He was really getting a very good taste, I thought. He kept on going and I was surprised when he actually came in me. I felt that he had kind of crossed a boundary, but I also knew that there really wasn’t mentioned any kind of boundary to neither me or him, and there was really no point of making a fuzz about it now.

He said the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my diplomatic career. “Come back tomorrow, and you’ll see the president”.

Finally. The promise. I had gone a little further than I had hoped, but I also got a far better result than I could every have wished for. It had not all been in vain! I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

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