A better workout

“Are you new here?” she asked me. She was a really cute Asian girl. As it turned out, she was an instructor.


I had just moved to town and had found a new fitness center. I never had an instructor where I used to workout. What a great service. It was already a good workout, but I was sure that it could get better by instruction.

“I’m Joan. I will be your personal instructor for today. Have you been here before?”

I was glad at the warm welcome. “No, I’ve never been here before. Anything special I should know?”

“Yes!” she said, without hesitating. “This fitness center is not like other places. We have special systems, which is also why you are assigned a personal instructor”.

“Nice”. I was happy to have an instructor.

“Let’s begin” she said, and sat down in front of me.


She sat down very close to me. I was getting quite turned on by this. How embarrassing – I was getting a boner. I tried to think of something else. “So, I get an instructor the first few times, and then I know what to do?”

“No”, she said, “You get an instructor every time. Otherwise our system wouldn’t work. That’s why it’s a little more expensive to workout here.”.

“Now, do some sit-ups” she said, while still sitting in front of me. I started leaning back and forward, using my stomach muscles. She moved down with me, and participated in the workout.

I tried to think of something else, but it was too late. I had a big boner by now. At first I thought I was lucky that she didn’t notice it, but then she put her hand on my dick. “Ah, it’s time to continue to the next exercise” she said. “Please take off your clothes”. She took off her shorts, leaving her bare pussy exposed. I wouldn’t want to ask stupid questions, so I took off my clothes as she had said.

“Is this part of the special system you were talking about?” I said. It was something special alright. We were both naked and I had a giant boner.

“Yes, this provides a better workout. Studies show that you forget that you are tired, when you are being sexually stimulated, so you can go on for longer.”

I was stunned. Was she going to sexually stimulate me, in order for me to forget that I’m exhausted. At first it sounded crazy, but on second thought, it actually sounded like it might make sense.

“Please lie down, and we will train the muscles in your stomach.”

I did, and she sat on my dick. But she didn’t fuck me. Not at all, she just sat there on the tip of my dick.


“Alright” She said “Start moving your hip up and down, to train your stomach muscles.”

I did as she instructed me to do, and my dick went farther and farther into her pussy. But then she started to sit higher and higher. In order for me to keep fucking her, I had to move my hip higher and higher. It was great, but definitely no pleasure ride. She was really testing my strength, but I kept on going.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming, when she jumped off, just at the right time. It didn’t seem like a coincidence at all, that she had stopped before I came in her pussy. “Alright, Mr., how’s your stomach?”.

Oh my god, what a workout. My stomach muscles were aching from the workout.

“In this next exercise, we will train your thighs”. She lied down on the bench with her pussy up in the air. “Mr., this exercise is easy to learn. Just do what comes natural to you”.


She was right. I went over there and tried to find a position in which I would be able to fuck her. As it turns out, that position was a great strain for my thighs, and even greater if I had to move up and down to fuck her. But I was so horny, that it didn’t matter.


I continued to fuck her, thrusting my dick longer and longer into her pussy. I tried not to show it, but she could see that I was getting closer to cumming. Apparently she was quite well trained to notice that. She pulled out my dick just in time and pushed me away. “Ok, Mr., that’s enough.”

“This is the last exercise. It works your stomach, your hips and your legs, all at once.” She lied down on the bench. “Now, stand there and … no … stand with your feet wider apart. Yes, that’s it.”


This was also a really great exercise. Not as intense as the others, but a full body workout is great. And the best part, I can continue a lot longer, because I am getting sexually stimulated during the workout. She wasn’t kidding about that – it really works.

It was tough, but I kept going. It was also a really good fuck. This time, when I got closer to cumming, I really tried the best I could to hide it. At one point, I also started fucking her quicker and quicker. She noticed that something was going on, other than the workout itself. She tried to push me away. “Thank you Mr., you’re done, that’s it.”. I acted like I didn’t hear her and continued fucking her. She repeated her statement calmly. Apparently this situation wasn’t unusual to her. “Ok, you’re done. You want to be able to come back another day and have another workout, right?”

Good point she had there. I would definitely want to come back, and I interpreted her comment as that wouldn’t be possible if I came in her. I pulled out my dick, and came in her face instead.


With my cum all over her face, she smiled politely. “Thank you sir. Your workout is done now. Please come again next week. Please note, that there’s a $5 fee for accidentally cumming during workout.”

What a great fitness center! I would love to come back next week. Maybe even sooner. And I think I’ll have to pay that extra fee next time as well.

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