A generous boyfriend

I came down to the living room of the dorm that night and saw these two sitting there by themselves, so I decided to join them. They were just sitting there, talking with each other and seemed to welcome some company.


It was quite late, perhaps 3 AM, but the next day was not a week day, so there was really no reason to go to sleep just yet. I thought to myself that something exciting might just happen yet this night. As it turned out, I was right.

It was not very surprising that they were tired. The conversation turned to football and after just a few minutes, the girl was asleep. He first nudged her, but as it turned out, she was really sleeping very heavy.


He tried to wake her, but she was really out cold. He laughed a bit. “I guess it’s past her bed time” he said. “Could you please give me a hand with her?” he asked me. I nodded “sure” and lifted her up.

I was waiting for him to lead the way to where-ever she should be carried, but he just wanted to put her on the table. When he lifted her, he accidentally grabbed her shirt which slid up slightly, exposing her tiny tits.


I was a bit embarrassed about the fact that her breasts were now on display, but I didn’t think it was my place to correct it. Curiously enough, he didn’t cover her up at all. I could feel that I was beginning to become a little uncomfortable – this was a very hot sight and I tried to adjust my pants accordingly, I tried to do it very discretely, but the guy noticed.

“You like that, huh?” he asked me. I smiled. I didn’t know what to say. “Well, yes”.

He then did something very unexpected. “I guess you like this as well, then” he said and unbuttoned her skirt and lowered her skirt and panties to her knees. Her shaven pussy was now right in front of me. “Whoa dude” was all I could say. I know had to re-adjust my pants yet again.

I kind of felt bad for the girl, but then again, who was I to butt in. Also, this was really exciting. He asked me if I liked it … oh yes I did. However, I began to feel more than a little uncomfortable, when he apparently wanted me to watch him fuck her. He rearranged her a bit, then very slowly and gently started inserting his cock in her. He moisturized her a bit by inserting a finger in her pussy and lubed the lips with her own juices.


I was stunned. What was going on? Had they planned this?

He started to fuck her faster and faster until he was beginning to moan. All the time, the girl was still completely passed out.

At one point he stopped moving for a few seconds – then started again. It was obvious that he was close to cumming but didn’t want to cum just yet.

Without cumming, he pulled out and looked up at me. “Want in on this?” he then asked, smiling. I didn’t understand right away. ‘In on this’ he said. Did he suggest that I should fuck her? I sure wanted to, but didn’t at all think that was appropriate – however, what did I know – I didn’t know this girl at all.

“Want to give her a good fucking or not?” he repeated. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. “Hell yes” I responded – also, I didn’t want him to think I was having reservations because I didn’t think she was hot, that was certainly not it. I was just not really used to this sort of situation.

He tilted her on her side and put his cock in her mouth, then waved his hand at me, in the direction of her pussy – obviously an invitation. I took it – took off my clothes and went over there. My cock was already more than stiff and her pussy was already worked up from his fucking, so my cock went right in. Wow, what a night.


It didn’t take long before I was about to cum – I didn’t though. I pulled out and made sure that I didn’t cum. Meanwhile, he was throat fucking her, also getting close to cumming. He nodded his head at me. “Go ahead, just cum in her”.

I tilted my head like ‘Well, if that’s what you want, I’m not gonna argue’.

I put my cock back in. The short break had prolonged my endurance a bit, and I was able to give her a few more minutes of fucking. I could see he was cumming and cum was dripping out from the side of her mouth. I quickened my pace and not 5 seconds later, I came in her tight pussy – I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much. Her entire pussy must have been completely full of cum after that load.

“Wow, that was great, thanks” I said. He nodded. “Yea, it really was.” We both put on his clothes and I was kind of waiting around to see whether I should help carry her somewhere or something. To my surprise, the guy started leaving. I pointed at her. “But … what about your girlfriend?” I asked. “My girlfriend?” he asked back. “That’s not my girlfriend. I just met her here an hour ago.”

Pictures by SleepingBitch

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