I’m a schoolgirl

Hi, I’m a schoolgirl. Is it not obvious?


I look just like a schoolgirl. But I’m not. I’m actually a young teacher at another school. I was chosen for this assignment because I am able to look like I’m actually a school girl – I have the ability to look younger than I am. It’s really quite easy. Some pigtails and some overdone makeup – that’s enough for me to look like a school girl.

I have infiltrated a class on another school and I have intentionally made sure I was naughty, so the teacher asked me to stay after school in detention. At detention it was just me and him – and he did the most predictable thing. He told me he would let me go earlier, if I received my punishment right away. For that, I am supposed to undress. I did as he asked and I have my reasons.


He spanked me gently. I was playing along – because as I already said, I’m not really a schoolgirl – I’m a teacher and my mission is to expose the misdeeds that this teacher is doing. He is rumored to have done this to a lot of students, but we have no proof. This is going to be the proof we are looking for. See, it’s illegal to do this kind of thing to students, even if the student agrees with it.

I considered stopping him now, but I wanted to see how far he would go. I found out soon enough. I didn’t notice it, because it happened so quickly – but he undressed and was guiding his stiff cock towards my pussy.


I thought to stop him now, but I had to wait to see if he would actually insert his cock. That would really be bad. Just standing there would just be indecent exposure on his part, but inserting his cock is something completely different.

As it turned out, he was not kidding around with that thing. He inserted it quite quickly and started fucking me slowly.


Now I had him. He was in fact fucking me – his own student (although, I’m actually a teacher). I wanted my mission to succeed and in a way I felt my mission would be more of a success, the farther he went, so I let him continue to see just how far he would go. He had gone very far, but perhaps he would just stop now, excuse himself and then let me leave the detention.

I thought he was going to do just that, because he pulled out and stopped. Only for a few seconds though, because he just turned me over and started fucking me missionary style.


He continued fucking me with renewed strength. He was really moaning now. Was he really going to go through with this? How many times had he done this? It seemed like he had no problems with it at all.

He was concentrating, but at one point, I think I saw him smile at me and wink. How weird. What was he winking about. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier and he started to slightly grunt. I was beginning to realize what was happening when I felt his cock widen in me and I felt the squirts of cum inside my pussy.


Well, if I hadn’t enough evidence before, I did now – my pussy was full of evidence.

“I got you now!” I said. “Don’t you know it’s a serious offense to have sex with your own student?”

He smiled at me. Then laughed slightly.

“Right” he said, “I know” … then he paused for a moment, then smiled again and continued. “But your not my student, You’re a teacher at another school – I know that. So we are just two consenting adults.”

I was shocked. He had known all along.

He wiped his cock clean and left me on the table. “Thanks for the fuck, fellow teacher, see you around” he laughed.

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