A Thoughtful Gift

My husband and I were traveling to an island for my birthday and I thought that was all he had arranged, but I was positively surprised when I discovered he had arranged for a chocolate cake to be served in our hotel room.


My husband is a true romantic. We are always doing interesting things and he is always thinking of what I want to do.

But this time he had outdone even himself. He had arranged for a couples massage! Something really nice for both of us to do together. And he knew I loved massages.

I also like to try out things when we are traveling to foreign countries. In restaurants I like to try whatever thing I don’t know on the menu or something I heard was a specialty. Same with anything else, like massages – I love to discover the traditions of other cultures.


When it was time for the massage I think it was a bit of a culture shock for my husband. The masseurs were both men. There is nothing wrong with that. We just have to keep an open mind. But we have for some reason been used to masseuses, meaning women and not men.

Anyway, they are professionals and neither of us minded undressing under the towel and getting ready for the massage.


The massage was very thorough and even though he was a man, he did not seem to mind about getting around everywhere to massage me. A true professional.


At one point during the massage, the towel seemed too much in the way and the masseuer removed it. I didn’t mind, because I was still wearing panties.

Meanwhile I could hear that my husbands massage was already done and then the other masseur helped out over here. Wow, just when I thought my husband could not have done any more for me, he had apparently ordered an extra long massage for me at the cost of his own massage.


“Thank you honey” I said to him as I continued to enjoy the massage.

They were taking extra care to massage my buttocks for some reason.,

When they turned me around, the wiggled my panties off. I was feeling very naked, but I felt safe with my husband still in the room.

“Thank you for this” i said again to my husband.

They started touching me more and more intimately. What was this massage my husband had ordered for me. My eyes were closed but suddenly I felt something that was definitely not fingers on my private parts. Clearly a penis!


A complete surprise! A surprise party, one might say, that had been arranged for me!

The other masseur placed his penis near my mouth, to lubricate it when his turn was up, I assumed.

This last part of the massage was definitely not as relaxing as the first half. When they switched sides, they had me switch sides as well, so I had to reposition myself.

Then the other masseur started fucking me from behind.


My husband is an able lover, but he is just one person and there is no way he alone can give me a fucking like this. Of course not. How very, very considerate and unselfish of him, I thought to myself.

Their apparent policy to cum inside me was not very hygienic, I thought to myself, but oh well, this is the sort of cultural differences one has to learn to enjoy when visiting a foreign country.

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