I clean Mr. Jenkins’ home every Monday and more often than not, I find his 18 year old son at home. He is studying full time, but for some reason he finds a way to stay home when I come to clean on Mondays. I think he has a bit of a crush on me. It’s kind of cute.


He finds a reason to follow me around, like I go to clean the bathroom and then he happens to wander in there and start brushing his teeth or something like that.

I could feel him watching me, but I just continued cleaning.


“You’re doing a good job” he said to me.

It was unusual for him to say anything at all. “Thanks” I said and smiled.

“How much do you work in a normal week?” he asked. I told him I work every day and I work about 6 to 9 hours per day. He continued asking about how much I earn and I thought there would be no harm in telling him. “Well, I am paid $9 per hour here and that is pretty normal” I explained.

“I wonder” he said and paused …

“I wonder if I were to give you 50 dollars, then would you take your pants off while you clean the rest of the house?” he asked and grinned nervously. “Haha, you wish!” I said, sure he was joking.

“How about 80?” he then asked. “Just my pants?” I asked, giving away that I was considering it. I was wearing practical underwear so not wearing pants would not really expose me much anyway.

“Sure” he said … “OK, 100” he offered. “I would do it for at least 200” I said and laughed, knowing he would never pay that. He was not very rich and was just studying, so didn’t have a lot of money. “Would you do it for 150” he then asked. I think he hit the sweet spot for me, because 150 would really make a difference for me and for practically nothing. I insisted I get the money upfront and he gave it right away.


After taking my pants off I asked him “So, was that worth it?” I laughed.

He looked up and down at me, although I did not see the big deal.


I continued cleaning the house as agreed and he followed me around, trying to get his money’s worth. I was fine – comfortable even. It was almost fun seeing him follow me with his eyes and walk around in my underwear cleaning his place.


I saw him then counting his money and then he looked up and asked me.

“How about you lose the top for another 50?”

I actually felt kind of bad for taking 150 dollars just to lose my pants so I thought it would be sort of fair to give him a little more for his money. So I welcomed the opportunity, took the 50 and dropped my top as well.


I wasn’t going to get cheated, though, and made sure I got the money upfront again.

I dropped my top and continued cleaning. He just sat and watched and after a while I didn’t even think about it. It had just been a very profitable cleaning today.

I even thought about whether he would agree to this again. Not a bad wage for just going topless, like I do at the beach anyway.


I then saw him counting his money again.

“How about losing the panties for another 50?” he asked.

“50? How about a 100?” I negotiated.

He counted again, then went “Sure”. I felt bad for him. “Jake, you really shouldn’t spend all your savings on this” I said. He said not to worry and he gave me the money.


I dropped my underwear and continued cleaning the house. I wasn’t going to model for him. I was just finishing cleaning and occasionally thinking about the 300 dollars I made today. It was a week of wage for just 2 hours of work.

image image

I continued cleaning and lost track of Jake.

Until I was cleaning dishes and happened to look back, then I saw Jake sitting in the other end of the kitchen with his cock out. I can’t say I was surprised, but of course still a bit taken aback.


“Come here, I have another proposition for you” he said.

I turned around and couldn’t take my eyes off his cock while I walked towards him.

“Come on Jake, isn’t this enough. You gave me 300 dollars already”.


“It’s OK, I want you to have another 100 dollars. Just let me fuck you”

“Come on Jake, first of all, do you really think I would fuck you for 100 dollars. What do you think I am? I am here to clean your apartment”

“Secondly, I know you don’t have that much money. Don’t do something you are going to regret. I am not giving you this money back!” I warned him.

“150 then” he said and counted the money. “200” I countered and gave him a chance to walk away. “You got it!” he said. Wow, I had not thought for a second before I came today I would be fucking Mr. Jenkins’ son but here I was having just agreed upon it.

He handed the money over and as he had held up his part of the bargain, I got on the counter and spread my legs. I was wet already and he was rock hard so it went right in.


I was going to remind him that I would have to leave when my two hours were up, but I discovered there was no need for me to rush him, as he was already cumming in me.


He hung over me for a minute or two, then he got off and started putting his shorts on. I felt quite used, but I guess at 500 dollars, it was a fair transaction.

I put my clothes back on and finished cleaning. When I was done, the two hours was up and Mr. Jenkins came home. “Ahh, Veronica!” he said “So glad I came home in time to congratulate you myself. Did you know you have been cleaning our apartment for 1 year now?” he said and asked me “Did Jake give you your bonus? 500 dollars”

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  1. My mouth fell open in shock as I realized what that little shit had done! Standing behind his dad, he just grinned and giggled, obviously thrilled his trick had got his dick in my poor pussy…

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