While We Wait

“Ahh, there you are” Abby said.

“There we are” John just replied, so as to not sound stupid.


“You’re meeting my boss, right? He sent me here to receive you. He apologizes, but he won’t be here for another hour. Can you wait?” she asked. “I’m Mr. Keatings assistant”.

They had come for a strategy meeting with a top executive in their company but to fit his busy schedule, they had to meet at his house. John was a bit annoyed that the meeting was delayed but knew that they were just junior sales people and had to acommodate those higher up. John had rushed to get there. But at least the assistant was there, perhaps they could get a head start on the meeting.


Surely John and Larry were thinking the same thing. This top executive had chosen a quite hot assistant.

“What do you boys think, should we get a drink now or wait till after the meeting?” she asked. When she asked, she touched them both on their legs. Enough to make them uncomfortable.


“Listen boys, Mr. Keating is really sorry he couldn’t be here on time, he told me to make sure you don’t feel the time is wasted” she said and she led her hands glide all the way to John and Larrys crotch. They withdrew for a moment and then relaxed.

She unzipped their zippers, then stood up and helped them up. Then she sat down on her knees and started slowly and almost professionally to suck their cocks. They were in shock and didn’t say anything, but they weren’t going to ruin this moment. What an assistant, John thought to himself. Those top executives sure get some quirks.


One thing led to another and they awkwardly undressed and it was clear enought to John that nothing here was off limits. He started fucking her from behind. She flinched a bit. She was very tight.

But then she relaxed and John continued fucking her.


To Larrys surprise, she turned around and got down on his cock. Not with her pussy, but with her ass!

That left her pussy wide open for John to re-enter.


They fucked her for a while, then John got a really good idea – one that would be in a good team spirit.

He got up with her and Larry helped him out. Now they held her in mid-air, bouncing her up and down on both their cocks.

John thought pretty highly of himself right now.


Until he didn’t. He couldn’t help it, but he accidentally came in her ass. He wasn’t sure on the exact “decorum” for this situation, but he was pretty sure that even though it was a wild moment, cumming in her ass would not be overly appreciated.

“Don’t mention it” she said. “Seriously”

Larry had the courtesy of cumming on her tits. To the extent that she actually said “Thanks” when he did. How polite.

She left for the washroom to get tidied up and we got dressed.

When she came back, finally the top executive, Mr. Keating came home.


“Ahh hi, good you are still here” he said. “Did my daughter offer you anything to drink?”

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