A Week With Rachel – Wednesday

I know what you are thinking. “Get dressed when you go to the coffee shop, Rachel”. But I’m not going to the coffee shop today. I don’t need a tip or anything. Today is my day off. Which means … not that I get to stay home, but that it is time for my job interview.


I made such a good impression yesterday by going bottomless. That’s why I am considering whether to go like that to the job interview. I would like to make a good impression. Perhaps if I get that job at Ralph Lauren, I won’t have to go bottomless to work again.

I decided not to take any chances and went bottomless. When I arrived, there was a kind dude that was interviewing me. He was a bit surprised to see that I was bottomless and asked me why. I didn’t know and just responded “because I felt like it”.

Now, what happened next could be misunderstood, so bear with me. Yes I did decide to give him a good 15 minutes fuck, but …


…what you are thinking is, that he is taking advantage of me and his position. That’s not the case at all. I decided for myself that it would be a good career move as well as a fun afternoon, if I gave him a good fucking? Why, you ask?

Well, he was certainly not taking advantage of me, that’s for sure, so you can as well forget that immediately. He said that if I gave him a good fuck there might be a chance that I am going to be considered for the job. So if you think about it, I was really taking advantage of him.

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