An important night

“OK, guys, thanks for coming in on short notice. This is an important night and I hope you can all stay focused and provide the best possible service to the guests”.

Jessie was explaining everything about how important guests were coming tonight and they were a brand new crew that hadn’t worked together before.


“So the band will be playing till midnight. We need to get ice and lime ready for the break of each song, where there will be a run on the bar. Whenever someone is not serving guests, they should collect empty bottles. If someone orders something when you are not at the bar, tell them you will get their order ready and that they can pick it up at the bar. We are just 6 of us tonight and we should have been 10 for this crowd, so we can only make it if we are really doing our best. Everyone! So take your bathroom breaks now”


“But why is it THAT important?” Tiger asked. That’s his name. Don’t ask.

“It is that important for me, because I am for the first time trusted with this responsibility. There will be investors coming to the bar tonight and if everything is running smoothly, they indicated to me, that they would let me get the brand new Director role of the whole place!”

“Well, see it from my point of view” Tiger said “I get paid the same anyway and I am not going to work myself half to death so you can get a promotion. I will serve drinks, of course, but I will be leaving at 11 PM because I have to catch up on some shut-eye.” he explained.

“But you gotta help me out, guys, this is so important, come on!” Jessie pleaded.

“That was a very strong counter argument but even so, I don’t see why I would go out of my way to get you a promotion. Who knows, if you don’t get it, they may offer it to me. In fact, it would be in my best interest to make sure this night does NOT go as planned!” Tiger said.

“Then you can just leave right now!” Jessie said and Tiger shrugged his shoulders and started leaving. So did his friend Biff. “No, stop! We can’t find anyone else now. Come back. I will give you a raise!”

Tiger laughed “you and me both know that you are not authorized to give any of us a raise” he said “not unless you make director, that is”.

“Tell you what” Tiger said “If you become director you give all of us a 20% raise”. Jessie nodded.

“And right now, you give us a raise, if you catch me drift”. Tiger zipped down his pants and took his cock out and so did his friend Bif.

“We don’t have time for this!” Jessie said. “Right” Tiger said “I don’t have time either, I believe you asked me to leave before. Let me now get in your way” he said. “Wait, OK” Jessie said “But we gotta do it quick!”

Jessie gott on herr knees and started sucking Tigers cock while she was jacking off Biff. In the mean time, the rest of the staff were zipping down as well, joining in on the action.


“Ahh, that’s nice” Tiger said and shortly after lifted Jessie up by the elbow. Jessie was confused and so was Biff and the others.

“Let’s see what you are hiding under that dress”

He pulled it down easily and exposed Jessie not wearing any panties. “If that makes you cum faster …” Jessie said. “Well, I know exactly what definitely will make me cum faster, so we can all get ready for tonight.”

He bent her over the bar where she sucked the cock of one of the others and then he stuffed his slippery cock into her wet pussy.


“Ohhh” she moaned as Tiger fucked her. The other staff lined up behind him and waited their turn. “But don’t cum in me!” she said. “I’ll certainly try” Tiger said, ambigously.

While Biff was fucking her, one of the others guys starting cumming in her mouth. “That’s one down” Tiger said, apparently keeping count.


“OK, let’s change it up a bit, see if we can finish quickly. We have a job to do – and THEN we have a job to do!” Tiger said and they laughed.

They put her on one of the speakers and sort of swarmed around her while fucking her.


“There goes another one” said Tiger, pointing to one of the other staff, cumming in her mouth “And then there were three!”

Tiger, Biff and the other guy continued. The last staffer came while she was jerking him off and he was almost disappointed and now there were only Tiger and Biff left.

Tiger was getting sucked off while Biff had changed her back in doggy style position.


Getting near the end, Jessie was now frantically sucking off Tiger, caressing his balls, jacking him off and doing everything in her power to finish him off.

The efforts paid off and she could soon feel the Tiger jizz spilling into her mouth. Tiger was moaning of pleasure and so was Biff, who was fucking her from behind.

“What just happened?” Jessie asked as Biff pulled out.


“I asked you not to cum in me!” she said.

“Yes, well you asked Tiger, not me” Biff said. “I thought you had a problem with Tiger or something. I didn’t know you meant that nobody could cum in you. That would just be a waste.”

“O-M-G, we are late” Jessie said “Quickly!”

She put her dress back on and the lads put their clothes back on as well. “Uhh, you are leaking” Biff said, noticing cum running down her leg. “We have no time for this!”

“Tiger, get the ice!” Tiger got up and ran as fast as he could to get the ice. “Biff, cut the lime!”

“Sure, right away!” Biff said. He was certainly properly motivated “Perhaps someone can show me? I have no never done any bar tending jobs before!”.

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