Anandi the American – Part 1

This is Anandi 1 year ago when she was in her home country.


Since she came to America … more specifically The United States of America … she has been trying to fit in. She didn’t have any friends and didn’t study and didn’t meet any people at all. She didn’t go out at night and she didn’t know that life. All she knew was that she was probably missing out on something.

That’s when she met Linda. Linda was one of those girls that she knew was living the great life in America. She wanted to be part of her group and that’s why was more than happy to talk to Linda when she approached her while Anandi was waiting for the bus.

“Come to my house tonight, I’ll teach you a few tricks”.

Anandi made an excuse to her parents, saying she was going to her cousin’s place to study, but instead she took the bus to visit Linda. When she arrived, Linda was holding up a little blue outfit and said “Let the fun begin! Get ready for a make-over”.

Anandi was eager to learn and went to the bathroom to change into the outfit. When she was done she opened the door, but didn’t come out right away. She needed to get some courage. Linda helped her. “Come on out, is just us two girls here”. That gave Anandi her courage and she stepped out.


This was by far the shortest skirt she had ever worn. In fact, she had never even worn a skirt before, and here she was in a skirt that only went to her knee.

“Fantastic” Linda exclaimed “you’ll drive the boys crazy with that – ha ha so much fun”. Anandi laughed with Linda and felt great and excited to have taken her first step towards being ‘one of the girls’ now.

She sat down and she talked with Linda for a while.

“Try this for a moment” Linda said and spread her legs a little. “While you sit, you can really drive men crazy by letting your legs relax for a moment. Go ahead and try it”.

Anandi uncrossed her legs but didn’t spread them. “Yes, just relax now, it’ll be fine, it’s just me here anyway”.

Anandi looked down and then spread her legs a little.


Anandi did put on a little display, but Linda explained to her that no one would really noticed anything, because everyone did that. In fact, she would attract more weird looks if she DIDN’T spread her legs a little or flirt in other ways. People would know she was an outsider, Linda explained. Anandi was so happy to have met Linda, because none of this had made any sense to Anandi before today. Well, it still didn’t, but at least now she had someone to help her fit in.

“Let’s get ready to party!” Linda suddenly said. “Dressed like this?” Anandi asked, a little scared of the answer.

“No, not quite, let’s try a dress that’s a little more conservative. Linda handed a dress to Anandi. She changed into it in the bathroom and was a little more comfortable in that.


Linda handed her a glass of wine and poured one for herself. She moved her glass into Anandi’s glass, until they smacked together and made a nice ‘ding’ sound. “Cheers” she then said “have a sip”

Anandi was not used to drinking, had only ever tasted wine once before, but there is a first for everything, and tonight seems to be the time where there is a first for lots of things.

After a few more glasses of wine, Anandi was getting a little tipsy. She was surprised when Linda pointed at her and said “well done”.


Maybe because of the wine, maybe because Linda’s ‘training’ had paid off, Anandi was in fact relaxing her legs a bit.

Ding dong

“There is our guest now!” Linda said and got up to open the door. Anandi wanted to impress Linda and made a point out of not putting her legs back together.

“This is my brother” Linda told, when she led a young man into the room. “He is going to help you get ready for a REAL party”. Her brother, Tim, sat down. “Why don’t you pour Tim a glass of wine too?” Linda asked.


Anandi felt very good about herself while pouring that glass of wine. She was determined to not let Tim know that this was her first time of … well, everything, so she tried her very best to stay cool.

That’s when Linda kind of ruined it – she said “Anandi here is new in town, she needs to learn how to party!”.

“Now Anandi, whenever you go partying, you get in the mood with a little friendly sexual tension” Linda told and continued “Now, we should do this in a safe environment here, before venturing out into the world doing it for real”. Anandi was curious about the sexual tension thing, but was certainly happy that Linda was taking care to let Anandi get used to these things in the safety of her home.

“Cheers” Linda said “Have a little more wine, then come over here to Tim”. Anandi chugged the wine she had in her glass and did as Linda asked. “Sit here in front of Tim. Now, what we could do, for example, is that before the party, one of the girls will maybe give a handjob to one of the guys. Just to get a good start of the night”.

Anandi wasn’t responding. “What are you thinking right now?” Linda asked. “Maybe you should do it” Anandi suggested, not wanting to do something like that. “Are you crazy, Anandi, he’s my brother. Do you do that sort of thing in your culture?” Anandi shook her head. “Of course not.”

“OK good” Linda said. “Then start by unzipping his pants and taking his cock out”.

Anandi did.


“Ahh, this will be easy, he’s already kind of hard” Linda said, while Anandi was giving out a nervous smile.

Anandi held Tim’s cock with a light touch, while she was thinking of the things that her father had said. He had said that all the parties of those westerners are like … well, like this. Had her father been right all this time? Well, this was certainly different than how Anandi and her friends usually partied, but also more exciting in a way.

Anandi tried her best to give Tim a handjob and although she didn’t know how to do it, apparently nature worked it’s wonders and soon Tim came to an orgasm and came on her dress.

“Great job, Anandi, you’re a natural! Let’s go party – but first, you need to change that dress. I have something that will work great for you, I think. Don’t worry, it won’t be as short as that” Linda said and referred to her current, now cum stained dress.

Anandi was happy to see it was a long white dress, that would cover her all the way up. Linda told, that because of the slit in the side, Anandi was not supposed to wear panties with the dress. Anandi looked at the slit and was comfortable that it was a pretty decent dress. She was ready to go out in that. She came out of the bathroom all changed in her new dress, ready to party.


Of course, the light in the bathroom was a little dimmed down, so Anandi didn’t notice just how sheer the dress was. But, as Linda thought, what you don’t know, won’t hurt you. Anandi had a great night out with the girls.

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