Anandi the American – Part 2

Anandi had learned a lot about how American girls party from Linda and had had a great time out with the girls. When she came home, of course way too late, she had a lot of explaning to do, but she managed to explain that the bus had been cancelled and that she was alright.

The next weekend, Linda invited Anandi over for a house party. A real American house party! Anandi was quick to say yes and came early to Linda’s place so Linda could help her dress up appropriately for the party.

Linda gave her a dress and asked her to “try it out”. When Anandi put it on, she felt it was sheer, but in the dim light of the bathroom, she thought it was OK.


Linda complimented her on her look and gave her a stiff drink.

“You know, that looks really awesome!” Linda said. “You are so hot. Although …”

Anandi was a sucker for Linda’s compliments and really wanted to know what that ’although’ was all about. “Although what?” Anandi asked.

“Although your bra straps are visible, it’s not really cool. Try it without the bra for a moment” Linda said. Anandi took the bra off from under her dress, not fully aware just HOW sheer this dress was.

“Sit there on the stairs” Linda said “you should see how pretty you are – I’ll take a picture for your scrap book”.


Linda took a picture of Anandi on her phone camera. “This is very good. Here, have a smoke of this cigar, it’ll look very, very cool”


Anandi enjoyed the attention but was getting anxious to see the pictures. “Can I see?” Anandi asked.

“Of course” Linda said “These pictures are for you … but first, let’s take a few more, then I’ll show them to you”.

“Put one leg on the staircase, this will look really hot” Linda said. Anandi did as Linda said.


“Please, can I see the pictures now?”

Linda nodded. “Come on, have a look.”

When Anandi saw the pictures, she was appalled. She could see her tits through her sheer shirt and even make out the lines of her pussy around the edge of the panties.

“Whoa, no … delete those pictures, I don’t like that!”

“What’s wrong?” Linda asked “You are spoiling the fun, these pictures are for you anyway, you can do with them what you want”

“OK” Anandi said “I want them deleted then”. Linda nodded. “OK OK, I’ll delete them, but not until I’ve taken a few more of you, then you can do with them whatever you want. Don’t spoil the fun, OK?” Linda asked rhetorically “have a drink instead”.

Anandi had a big sip of her Vodka and nodded. She really didn’t want to spoil the fun, but was sure she wanted to delete the pictures after they were done having fun.

They put her in a fun schoolgirl outfit and, with a few drinks in her, she had to admit she was having fun.


When she sat on the stairs, she spread her legs a little, just as Linda had taught her. She was wearing a nice pair of white panties anyway, so it was just all good and fun.

She took another sip of her drink and let the alcohol influence her senses. As she sat there, Linda suggested to her that she moved her panties to the side with the good old argument “It’s just us girls here”. Of course, at this time there was a third participant, name her phone camera.

Anandi thought it would be fun and exciting and wanted to be on Linda’s good side, so she closed her eyes and moved her panties to the side, meanwhile Linda snapped a picture.


“Ha ha that was a load of fun” Linda yelled “you’re a lot of fun!” she said to Anandi who just had to give a big smile. She was becoming part of the group.

“Enough of all this! The house party is getting started now!” Linda yelled, as the guests started to arrive. Anandi changed into another outfit, had a drink and enjoyed the party.


Anandi got a little drunk but so did everyone else, so it was all OK.

“Ha ha, did you see Henry!?” Linda yelled to her friend. She called Anandi over “Hey Anandi, did you see Henry?”

Anandi shook her head. She didn’t even know who Henry was.

“He got so drunk that he fell asleep upstairs, let’s go up and have some fun with him!” Linda suggested. Anandi and two other girls followed her upstairs.

He was lying on the bed, when Linda pulled his pants off him. “Look, this is going to be really fun!” she said. “Anandi, grab his cock, he will be so embarrassed by this picture tomorrow!” she said and snapped a picture of Anandi holding his cock.


What a night! It was one to remember and it would be easy to do so, because Anandi forgot all about the pictures and Linda made sure to save them on her USB stick so they could remember the fun another time.

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