Birthday Bash

It was my homeboy Marcus birthday and I wanted him to enjoy it, especially because his girlfriend cheated on him two weeks ago.

I arranged for all the fellas and Marcus to be at the Diamond Bar my brother owned at 8:00 P.M. I told them we would just be hanging out with some drinks and I would invite some girls I knew.

It was mostly the truth only I had one special girl that was going to make sure not only Marcus had an amazing night but that all the fellas would.

Her name was Tonya. I was one of her regular tippers at the local strip club, so I tipped a little more and asked for a favor.


I walked in the bar with Tonya and the fellas almost lost their minds.

“DAMNNNNNN,” the fellas said.

“Who’s the birthday boy?” Tonya said.

“Well, that would be me ms …?”

“You can call me Tonya,” she replied.

“I’m going to be taking care of you for your birthday, and all your friends too,” she said while massaging his dick through his pants.

We cut the music on and Tonya danced with Marcus and then gave him a special birthday lap dance.


The guys were grabbing at Tonya while she was dancing, smacking her ass, lifting up her see-through dress, and caressing her breast.


One of the guys snatched her dress off, leaving her breast free-play for the fellas.

One of the guys started massaging her bare breast and then took her whole breast in his mouth, sucking on it, swirling his tongue around it and nibbling on her nipple.


I had the bartender bring over some shots, and we did a happy birthday shot to the head.

Tonya was the first one done with her shot, one of the fellas said ” Damn, the way you swallowed that I can’t wait to see what you do with this.

He waved his dick around in the air and she dropped right down and started gobbling up his dick.


The other fellas walked over with their dicks swinging in the air, slapping her up against her face.

She took one dick in her hand and another dick in her other hand, rotating back and forth between the two cocks.

Then she took two more dicks in her hand rotating between sucking them off, she was quite the talent.


The fellas snatched off her panties and bent her over one of the bar stools.

They decided they would form a line for head and a line for pussy and switch off.

Before they got started they fingered her to make sure she was wet and ready.


One by one they pounded her pussy, while she sucked another guy off at the same time.

The fellas were lined up stroking their dicks, trading off for head and ass, it looked like an assembly line.

The moans in the room were louder than the music.

After about 20 minutes of fucking her bent over, they pulled her up to switch positions. One of the guys held her up while another fucked her from the front.


The bartender was my brother’s wife she was really cool, and we had been at the bar a while, she stopped cleaning her area to watch for a while. I must admit it was a hell of a scene to have played out in front of you.

She probably was wondering if the fellas were going to cum anytime soon so we could go.

They fucked her a while in that positions occasionally taking breaks to eat her pussy, to keep her wet.

The fellas were close to busting their nuts, so they pulled out of Tonya and told her to kneel down to the floor to finish sucking them off.

She eagerly obliged, sucking them one by one, and one by one they came all over her face and on her tongue.



The guys all thanked Tonya, Marcus especially thanked her for the wonderful birthday surprise, and to me too since it was my idea.

Tonya waved bye and said this would have to happen again, she wished Marcus a happy birthday again, and I walked Tonya out and told her I would see her at work Saturday night, ready with my tips.

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