The Third Wheel

My boyfriend Derrick and I wanted to have a threesome with one of my close friends Amanda.

The idea was to get her turned on enough that she would want to join. So we invited her to our place for a movie and wine.

I called her up and asked If she was available and she said she would be that Saturday night.

Everything went as planned, she came over and then we sat on the couch, enjoyed some conversation along with a lot of wine.

After talking and drinking for almost an hour Derrick asked If we were ready for the movie.

“Sure.” we both said.

Derrick started the movie, and I grabbed the blanket to cover us all up.


Derrick chose a very steamy movie, with a lot of graphic fucking It turned me on so I know it had to turn her on.

I slid my hand over Derrick’s cock, and started massaging it, he adjusted himself and sank a little more into the couch.

I slowly unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them, maneuvering his cock out.

I started stroking his cock, and he tried not to move. I slid my hand down to his balls and he moaned, and I caressed them, making Amanda look at over at us weird.


When she looked over I stopped for a second and then continued when she looked away.

I went back to jacking his cock faster and he threw his head back and moaned.

Amanda turned to us and said ” Hey what are you guys do–?” before she finished her sentence she had snatched the blanket off discovering Derrick’s cock in my hand.

“RACHEL!” she said in high shocked voice.

“I’m sorry I hope you don’t mind, the movie turned me on, feel free to join but we can all still enjoy the movie.”


Amanda got quiet and just watched me stroke Derrick cock for a while. Then I removed my top and bottoms, to get a little more comfortable, for the movie.

She looked intrigued by how hard she was watching me instead of the movie.


I got completely naked and then sat on Derrick’s cock.

Rachel never moved, she just watched me as I slapped Derrick’s cock up against my pussy to get juices flowing.

Then I explained how much this movie was turning me on, she stared almost as If she wanted to try it.


I got his cock nice and hard and now my pussy was nice and wet.

I let out a gasp as I sat all the way down on his cock. Then I started bouncing my ass up and down on his cock. Amanda never lost her trance.

I finally broke it, by saying “you know you can come over and try it, his cock is so hard and big it will make your pussy feel amazing.

She started to say something and I cut her off by telling her I could suck on her pussy to get her started.

She squirmed in her seat rocking from side to side, I could tell her pussy was probably pulsating and wet at this point.


I could tell I was starting to entice her and talk her into it, just as I reached over to start playing with her nipples through her top Derrick came all inside of my pussy.

I still wanted her and I told her to come over and lick it off the nut and get him ready for round two so he could fuck her.

She dropped to her knees and sucked his cock so good he was ready to fuck again another five minutes later.

I smiled at Derrick and whispered in his ear, it worked!

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