Is It Here?

I’ve always wanted to be in Hollywood, never really mattered how I got there I just knew I was meant for fame. I considered myself pretty talented I could dance, sing and model.

I had been looking for my big break, applying for all kinds of gigs and roles, and my newest gig I was working on was to dance and model in a music video.

It was a local group I didn’t have many details about them, just an address I got from a friend who heard about it.

I was a little confused on my handwriting and couldn’t make out the exact numbers, so I decided to get out and walk around hoping they had an audition sign.


I spotted a group of guys sitting outside and figured this had to be the place.

“Hey, Is this it?

Two of them looked confused and as I was about to turn away the third guy replied, “Yeah, it’s here.”

“Oh, ok hey I’m Amanda.”

” Nice to meet you beautiful, I’m Mike, this is Tim and that’s Dee.

“So, tell us what you are looking for?

“Well, I just want to be on TV and make it to Hollywood so anyway there and I’m on it.”

“Ok, ok ” he replied.

“So are there more girls coming?’

“Yeah, our next one isn’t scheduled until another 30 minutes.”

” So first we need to check you out and see what you working with.”

Mike walked over and lifted my skirt up. “Nice,” Tim said.


Tim looked over at the couch and back at me saying ” So you know how this works right?”

From the way he was rubbing my ass I could tell what he wanted.

“I can take a guess,” I said while taking my panties completely off and walking over to the couch.

They all took their huge cocks out of there pants and started stroking them.

Mike walked up to me first bent me over and slapped his cock on my pussy. He kept slapping his cock on my pussy until it got hard, and then he slowly squeezed his huge cock in my pussy.


His cock fit so tightly in my pussy I was soaking his dick with my juices with each stroke.

I really wanted to make it to Hollywood no matter what so If a little fucking got me there, that was ok with me.

Mike was really enjoying my pussy pounding me, then Dee walked to my face slapping me with cock all on my tongue.

I took his huge cock in my mouth and slurped and spit all over it.

He started fucking my face making me gag and choke on his cock.


Mike and Tim switched positions, Mike had to slow down because he didn’t want to bust yet.

Mike sat and watched stroking his cock while Tim rubbed his hard cock on my wet pussy moaning at how wet my pussy felt as he entered it.

I kept slobbering Dee up and he was enjoying fucking my mouth. I went slowly swirling my tongue all around the tip of his penis and then fast making sure I soak his cock.

Tim was fucking my pussy good I almost came all over him If it wasn’t for Dee suggesting to switch positions. He had something different in mind.

“Let’s see how talented you really are.”

“Let’s see how many holes you can take being stuffed at once.”


Tim instructed me to sit my ass on his cock.

I eased my ass slowly on his cock, it felt so amazing.

Then Mike came in front of me and stuffed my pussy and I was about to lose it, my pussy was so wet and soaking their dicks.

“Oh, yea fuck me hard!” I yelled.

Dee came and fucked my mouth to the point where he exploded all inside of it, forcing me to swallow it.

Soon the other guys followed behind him. Tim lifted me up and down bouncing my Tiny ass on his huge cock up and down.

” FUCK!” Tim yelled out filling my ass up with nut until it oozed all out.

Lastly was Mike and he was pounding my pussy so good and hard.

“Oh yeah, stuff my pussy with your huge cock.”

“Fill my pussy up!”

Right as I said that I started screaming out I was about to come and as I started cumming all over his cock creaming it up he busted all inside of me, it was quite an experience.


So after we got dressed I asked If I should be expecting a callback, or what the next step was.

They looked at each other with a weird look on their faces.

“Um, yeah about that.”

“The auditions you were looking for are probably next door, He’s a Music Producer.”

My mouth dropped. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, we apologize about that, you’re beautiful and we couldn’t let the opportunity pass.”

I honestly couldn’t be mad because I sort of knew that I wasn’t at the right house but I still stayed and I enjoyed myself, they fucked the shit out of me, and I had fun.

“It’s fine,” I smiled and as I walked away I turned around and said, ” You still can call me back for another one of your auditions.”

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