Body Paint Model – When the paint is dry

Liza was a body paint model. She got painted thoroughly in some costume and attended live events some times and photo sessions.


Liza was maybe technically nude by some definitions but she did not think of herself as nude while she was wearing her body paint.

Neither did most people that saw her at a glance at the rare events that would be going on outside.


However, by far, most of her work was photo sessions and inside.

It was for magazines. Some times for magazines with some erotic theme – sure – but more frequently just advertisement where her job was to attract attention. A job she did well.

She was comfortable modeling with her body paint, even in some positions that others might consider compromising. Not for Liza.


But on this day, we take you behind the scenes to see what happens AFTER the paint dry. That means, when Liza is done having her picture taken, she has to take the paint off. Quite quickly too, because it is not very healthy to keep on for a long time. Especially for models like Liza who “wear” it frequently.

There is a bench backstage where she goes and then she has someone wipe her off.


It has to be very thorough. Much more thorough than she could do herself in the shower.

It is strange, even after all the paint seems to be gone, she still does not really feel naked. It might be because of the gradual transition. She didn’t take any clothes off from the time of the paint being on till it being off.

So she is quite comfortable during this session of getting wiped off.


Of course, the most important parts to wipe off, are the different cracks and creases.

They are the places that might keep some residue left over. And it is also where she would be most sensitive to some problem or irritation from the chemicals. That’s why the cleaner takes extra care to clean those places.


On this particular day, something happened in her head. She started getting horny. Maybe she just said a slight sound and the guy picked up on it.

He got horny too and moments later he was standing over her with his cock in his hand.

Of course, Liza and the cleaner did what nature intended them to do.


Clearly the cleaner was very horny too because he came almost immediately.


A strange trend started shortly after. The photo sessions became shorter and shorter and the cleaner was a new person each time. Every time, it ended up with sex.

Despite the photo sessions being shorter, Liza started getting paid more. Strange. Where did the money come from?

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