Carly’s third week as a TV hostess

Carly had been gangbanged during her job interview and been banged every day that she came to work after that. At first, by random people mandated to massage her but most recently by her boss’s boss – someone high up in the hierarchy. That gave Carly the hope that she could fuck her way to the top somehow, instead of just getting fucking nowhere.

Carly had heard that a basket ball player was going to come to the TV station to be interviewed. It was a documentary of some sort. She decided to class up her fucking and made sure to intercept the basket ball player in the dressing room, well before he was due to appear.


“Hey – need some company while you wait?” was the cheesy line that Carly gave to quickly seduce the basket ball player. Well, she could have said anything, because the player was in on it immediately.


Carly’s hope was that by getting fucked by a guest rather than a staff member, she could slowly change her job to fill this function – it’s a little more glamorous, first of all – second of all, she hoped after a while she wouldn’t have to fuck them, but could simply be assigned to being their caretakers.

However, at this point she knew no one would accept her intercepting a guest unless she did what was implied in her job responsibilities.

About 10 minutes later, Carly discovered that another basket ball player was coming. He had already been told about the welcome committee (namely her) that was there to welcome him.

She went to the waiting room where she knew he was waiting and did her thing.


She didn’t even know that there was going to be more than one coming in for an interview this day – but when she was done with the next basket ball player, another one was already waiting for her.

He preferred to cum all over her tits.


The rumor about her performance had spread to the rest of the team. As it turned out, the entire team plus reserves had been scheduled to be interviewed for the documentary on this day.

They had already told each other about Carly waiting for them. She couldn’t stop now, or she was afraid that they would tell her management how disappointed they were.


She didn’t have time to clean up between players which meant she would greet the next player, still smeared in cum.

Most of them preferred to cum over her big tits, so the cum on her built up. Also, for some reason, it seemed like each player preferred to fuck in a different couch in the waiting room – and also the lighting in the waiting room kept changing.

… as well as Carly’s hair style.


Another player had a different preference. He liked to fuck her in the asshole. Carly was not one to argue, in fact she was quite eager to please.

It was just then, when the basket ball player was shoving his cock into her asshole, that the documentarist showed up. The documentarist that had previously caught Carly in the shower.

“This is Carly – her job is to greet people. This is how she does it” the documentarist said while recording video and his own voice.


The basket ball player kept fucking Carly while the documentarist was still filming. Carly remembered that the documentarist would be blurring out any details – but she was still a bit concerned, since it would take a lot of blurring to prevent people from seeing what’s going on.

The player came on Carly’s pussy. She wiped most of the cum away before another player entered. He was just about to fuck her in the pussy, when the documentarist broke one of the golden rules of shooting a documentary – and also the only one Carly knew: Do not interfere with the events being documented. Apparently, the documentarist didn’t care.

“The other guy fucked her in the ass, maybe you wanna do that too?” he asked. The player went “fine” and started shoving his even bigger cock into Carly’s asshole.


When he was about done, it turned out he had the same preference as most of the rest of the team – he decided to cum all over her breasts.


Yes, perhaps Carly had moved up in the world a bit by fucking stars instead of staff, but at what cost. The whole thing had been documented and Carly was known as the biggest slut in town. At least she was known, she quietly thought to herself.

All the players were excited about the welcome at the station and they ended up endorsing the station so much that the station landed a major new sponsor, one of the biggest ever. Carly thought to herself that she should be credited for this. Of course, the players did most of the work, but without her, this would have never happened.

She decided to ask for a meeting with her boss’s boss. And she, over a blowjob, told him what she had done and how they got the new sponsor.


All he had said was “Hmm …  I see”, but Carly was sure she had planted a seed. In much the same way that her boss’s boss planted his seed, right in her forehead.

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