Carly’s fourth week as a TV hostess

Carly had been fucking her way nowhere at her new job as a hostess at a TV station. Now, she is not on TV as such, although she hoped that when she got the job, so she is more of a caretaker. And in order to keep her job she is expected to have sex with the staff. Recently she took the initiative to have sex with a visiting basket ball team. She thought there was going to be just one player, but it turned out the whole team came, so she made sure the whole team came.

This, in turn, meant that the TV station got endorsed and got a great sponsorship. Carly’s boss’s boss was happy, it seemed.

Today at the TV station, she went to the gym and found one of the photographers of the station there.


They worked out next to each other, when Carly got an idea.

First things first, Carly needed his undivided attention. “Can you help me with this exercise” she said and lied on top of the photographer. Her boobs ‘accidentally’ slipped out in the process.


Carly felt his cock getting hard. “Oops, now see what I’ve done” she said. “I better fix it”.

She pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock.

While she was sucking it, she asked him whether he would be willing to help her our for an hour or two. With his cock in her mouth, there was only one possible answer. ‘Yes’.


She kept sucking him until he started cumming in her mouth. She swallowed the cum.

“Great” she said “Set up your equipment in the studio, I’ll be there in 5 minutes”.

He went to prepare and Carly came to the studio, ready to execute her plan.


Yes, you guessed it. She wanted to take BASEBALL themed pictures and perhaps get the baseball players of the town to endorse the TV station. She wanted to do this without asking first, because if she asks she might get a no. If she just does it and shows results, like she did with the basket ball team, she will get credit for it.

“Why don’t you lower your straps a bit” the protographer suggested. Carly did as suggested.


“How about losing your pants so you are only wearing the leotard – that could be kinda cool” the photographer then suggested.


Carly saw where this was going. She had been determined not to have pictures taken of her nude. After all, all she had done so far was some fucking behind walls, how many people have never done that?

But taking nude pictures for public use is something different.

“How about lowering the leotard a bit” the photographer suggested, just when Carly was in the middle of a train of thought. She thought to herself, why not have the pictures taken now – she decided first to see whether it would be enough without the nudity and, if not, then she would have that option handy.


She paused for a moment, thinking about the fact that she was now reaching another point of no return, before she finally lowered her leotard completely off and let it fall to the ground.


She finished the poses and after she was done, she was happy to receive a USB drive with all the pictures.

When she got home, she put the USB key next to the computer, she was going to look through the pictures as soon as possible and pick out the ones that she wanted to use for the campaign. The decent ones at first – and perhaps she wanted to delete the rest.

The door bell rang. It was three guys from the basket ball team that had endorsed her TV station before and made her the hero of the day. They had come to her house for seconds. She realized people visiting her at home, fucking her, was another point of no return, but she decided the team had deserved their reward and gave it to them.


A while later, when she was lying on her bed, cum dripping from her ass and nose (don’t ask), the basket ball players had left and Carly wanted to go through the pictures. She picked out a few sexy and slightly risque pictures, but left the ones with nudity on the USB key, deciding not to use them – but also not to delete them.

Follow the action next week when Carly starts her campaign to get the baseball team to endorse her.

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