Christina Aguilera and the way to bottomlessness 3/7

“So why did you go bottomless at that concert?” The interviewer asked. The same question came from every interviewer that got to talk to Christina Aguilera. She replied that it was part of her stage show, she’s not really one for going naked, but it was part of the show and it was also meant as a message to the public, although not many understood it. She thought the public would get provoked by it. I’m sure a few people did, but their voices got drowned in the many voices cheering.

This particular interviewer had a different follow-up question. “In an interview from 2002, you talked about your outfit choice when walking to a movie premiere on the red carpet. You wore a duckling outfit. You explained back then it was as a comment and homage to Björk who had previously worn a swan outfit and you explained: ‘It was part of her show and meant as a message to the public’, just like you said about going bottomless on stage.” After the long introduction to the question, still waiting to come up, Christina Aguilera thought back on the event and recognized her own words, as the interviewer continued, delivering his question. “Does that mean we’re going to see you bottomless on the red carpet soon?”

That question just blew Christina Aguilera’s mind. She didn’t respond to the question. Not in words, though. But two weeks later, she appeared on the red carpet at a publicity event for a friends’ album, absolutely and completely bottomless.


“Christina! Christina!” Everyone were trying to get her attention. “Christina, isn’t it breezy? Why are you going bottomless today?” One question sounded.

Christina turned and replied “You can’t be in showbusiness without having a show” she responded. Clever. She continued down the red carpet and inside the press free event. No one from the press would be able to follow her in, unfortunately. But her interview book was certainly full now and her popularity higher than ever.

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