Christina Aguilera and the way to bottomlessness 4/7

Christina Aguilera was now rarely seen in “official” business, such as at concerts, at premieres or giving interviews, without being bottomless. It was part of her look now. You could expect it of her and you wouldn’t be disappointed. You really wouldn’t.

This year, the “Best Pussy” award was actually not a joke at the yearly MTV Awards. It had been included a previous year as a joke. This year it was suddenly no longer a joke. Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera were nominated.

Britney had her old “Getting out of the car without panties in a short skirt” pictures from long ago, but since then, she had upped her game a bit, in terms of pussy exposure. Britney Spears got nominated from this picture, which was caught a late night by a paparazzi. Sure as hell beats the glimpses earlier caught.


Already when this picture was taken, they began calling the MTV “Best Pussy” award the “Brit” award, but then they saw Jessica Simpson’s contribution which could maybe challenge it.

Her contribution was a rarity, mostly because Jessica Simpson had been so careful and did certainly not expose it on purpose, like you must assume must have been Britney Spears’ intention. Also because it was SO exposed – and by her own record company. She was having pictures taken for the cover of her album, when she was asked to change to another thong. While she was changing, unknown to her, a few pics were snapped and this became the cover of her album.


It sold pretty well, of course, but it was never her intention to “pull a Christina Aguilera” so to speak, connect her artistry with being bottomless. On the upside, she was looking forward to the MTV “Best Pussy” award, since she expected she would have a great chance of winning.

Christina Aguilera was outraged. Walking around bottomless was her trademark, she had risked her career for it, and she certainly deserved to win this award, she thought. In order to top it, she scheduled a concert just before the award show and made sure it became the most explicit and daring pussy exposure of her life. She gave free tickets and had a HD special on HBO running live. Not even pay-per-view.


With this, Christina Aguilera was sure she would win, although some would argue she almost changed the line of business she was in. MAybe she was still a good singer, but after the show, no one had really listened to the songs. They only realized that afterwards.

Of course, when the MTV “Best Pussy” award was given, the predictable winner was in fact … Christina Aguilera.

She was very happy, and naturally received the award the only way it would be fitting.


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