Competing against my boyfriend’s friend

My boyfriend likes to go out with his friends to bars and stuff – however, I like it better when he stays home with me. Not that I need him to be with me all the time, but I don’t like that his friends “win” over me. That’s why, today, I decided I wanted to win, at whatever price.


Sure enough, they were talking about going to see the new Sylvester Stallone movie. Seriously!? Sylvester Stallone! Why wouldn’t he rather stay home with me. I was willing to settle with both of them staying over – I don’t need my boyfriend for myself, he can hang out with his friends, but why not do it in the house.

They were talking about when to leave and what to do before leaving. I was eavesdropping but they eventually went to the kitchen and had a sandwich – then I couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

I had seen this happen many times before. They would have a sandwich, then his friend would go home and change and they would meet up half an hour later at the bar for a pint, before going to the movies. Sure enough, I heard the door slam, his friend had left. Soon my boyfriend would yell something like “See ya later!” to me through the other room and then I would hear the door slam again. This time it was not gonna happen. I decided to get his attention – the only way I knew how to. By getting naked.


“OK honey, see ya la… whoa, what’s this then? Why are you sitting naked in the couch!?” my boyfriend said, understandably surprised. This was outrageous, even for me. But it worked, I got his attention.

“Do you mind?” I just asked, acting aloof. “I just felt like liberating myself a little”.

He immediately understood it as some kind of sexual invitation, although I really just wanted his attention. He zipped down and took his cock out and gestured for me to suck it. No way, he wasn’t going to get me that easily.

I wanted him to sit down in the couch instead of going to see his friend. He did get in the couch, but he didn’t exactly sit. Well, me getting naked all of a sudden, I can’t say I blame him for what he did. In fact, I might have blamed him if he didn’t do this.


But look in the background. What I hadn’t anticipated was that the friend hadn’t actually left yet. What I had heard was the door to the refrigerator slam. How could I have been so stupid.

While my boyfriend was pounding me, his friend came up to and saw what was going on.

“Oh, I see you’re busy” he said. I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted him to leave – and not to take my boyfriend with him. I was gonna win this round!

“So, should we get going?” my boyfriend’s friend said to him. The nerve! “Or do you mind if I join you?”. Join you? What was he thinking!? Well, of course, if he joined, there would obviously be no risk that he would convince my boyfriend to leave with him, so I was about to actually consider the thought, when my boyfriend said “Sure, why not, do you mind Gail?” he asked. Gail, that’s me.

“I … guess” I said.

The friend jumped into the couch and pulled his pants down. I looked at his cock for a second, then closed my eyes and put my lips on it.


I couldn’t believe I was sucking his friend’s cock. Also, I couldn’t believe my boyfriend would just be fine with it. I was looking at him inquisitively. He understood my ‘question’ and told me the answer “Well, as long as he doesn’t actually fuck you, what’s the big deal, right?” he said.

I guess. Weird kind of logic. I wonder whether he used that kind of logic and got blowjobs from other girls when he was out. Too many things were going through my mind right now to think about that.

My boyfriend changed position to lie under me and let me ride him. I was a bit confused with this, because this wouldn’t really leave me any possibility to suck the cock of his friend anymore. I guess he had seen enough of that. I was right and I was wrong.

The friend came up behind me and started pushing his cock into my asshole.


I looked at my boyfriend. He wasn’t reacting. Meanwhile the friend was lubing my ass up more and more and pushing his cock harder and harder – soon it was all the way in and he was fucking my ass hard, while I was trying my best to balance on top of my boyfriend’s cock. What the hell was this.

My boyfriend saw the question in my face and told me “well, as long as it’s not in your pussy, it’s not really sex, is it?”

I couldn’t believe he really thought that way. In any case, there was no point making a fuss about it now. At least I got what I wanted – my boyfriend at home where he belongs. Not exactly the way that I wanted it, but that’s OK I guess.

A few minutes later, my boyfriend came in me as he always does. The friend didn’t stop, though, he just went on and on, fucking my ass, then suddenly I could sense he was about to cum. I tried to say “no, no” but it was too late, he had the nerve to cum in my ass. There I was, cum dripping from both my holes, lying exhausted on the floor.

That’s when the friend said something I had not expected. “Thanks Gail … now, Robbie, let’s go watch that movie. See you some other time Gail, OK”. With that, he left the room and Robbie, my boyfriend followed him out. He got dressed and then yelled “OK honey, see you later” and I heard the door slam.

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    1. Yes, I agree. And thanks for the feedback. Actually this was a story I wrote previously and didn’t post because I wasn’t very happy with it. But then there was a story drought and thought this story could help a bit.

      Fun fact: I currently have 47 story drafts

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