The all inclusive luxury package

I work for a sexy maid agency. Basically we wear a skimpy maid outfit and then we make someone’s day a little more interesting. They mostly pay for it themselves but it’s also quite common that we’re given as gifts for birthdays and such. That was the case here.


I brought my client another beer and I could see that he was enjoying my company because he gave me a big smile when I came in.

He invited me over and started chatting with me. He didn’t speak very loud, so I had to lean forward to hear what he said. It gave him a good look at me cleavage. That’s OK, that’s what we do. Allowing a client to peek at your cleavage is a very natural part of our sexy maid services.


“Do you need me to get something on a very high shelf for your?” I asked teasingly. We both laughed.

He whispered to me “I booked the topless add-on you know”. I had no idea we offered any topless add-on but we’re all about pleasing the client and staying in character, so I wasn’t going to argue with him. Even though I had never been topless on a job before, it wasn’t far fetched that there could be a topless add-on service to our sexy maid services.


I served him his beer and then I pranced off, keeping my top on.

“Don’t forget about any of the other add-on services” he said as I left.

I wasn’t aware of any other services that I was supposed to give, but maybe he was talking about window cleaning or something. A popular fantasy among our clients, for some reason.

After I had left the room, I called my agent and asked about the topless add-on service. Sure enough, he had purchased this service and it wasn’t cheap either.

“Did he get any other add-ons?” I asked my agent. “Sure, he got the works. He got the all-inclusive luxury package with everything – don’t worry, it has appropriate compensation for you too.”

“What do you mean by ‘everything’?” I asked.

“Everything!” he said and clarified “Anything – whatever he wants, he got it”.

After I hung up I was anxious about how my day would turn out. I was imagining all sorts of things and when I entered the room of my client again, it seemed to be coming true. He had his cock out. “Would you mind giving it a little cleaning too” he said and pointed to his cock, obviously wanting me to give him a blowjob. I reminded myself I was there to do a job and reminded myself to stay professional. I sat down in front of him and started sucking his cock.


I sucked his cock and it was rock hard. He was really enjoying it, but he wanted even more. He really wanted that everything/anything thing my agent had been referring to.

He lifted me up on the table and started pressing his cock into my pussy. I stayed in character, but told myself to make sure my agent understood that he should not send me on these luxury packages some other time.


He couldn’t help himself for long and I could feel he was starting to cum in me. Rather than break character I figured it was too late anyway and let him finish.

I took a piece of tissue and held it under my pussy, wanting to wipe off the cum as it was dripping out of my pussy. He showed his index finger and moved it from side to side in a “no no” gesture. I removed the paper and continued cleaning the house, except everywhere I went, I left a white snail trail of cum behind me.

At the end of the day I got a call from my boss. “You did great! The client is VERY happy”.

“I can’t say the same for me” I said, disappointed to have been put in this situation by my boss. He didn’t understand my problem. “What is the problem” he said “As I said, he got the luxury package, it includes everything on the menu!”

“On the menu!?” I said, a bit confused. “Yes, anything and everything on the menu, whether it’s topless window cleaning, vacuuming or dusting. Everything.”

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