Losing someone else’s bet

It’s unlucky to lose a bet – but it’s even more unlucky to lose someone else’s bet.

I was staying in a dormatory where there would always be parties every friday. The party room looked something like this.


People were drinking vodka out of red cups and would play a little ball. It was really quite trivial – it was the same every friday. I decided I didn’t want to party on this friday and after some protests from the guys, I went to bed.


It was several hours later, that I woke up just as someone was holding his hand over my mouth. I had been sleeping deep and hadn’t heard anyone coming into the room. There were a lot of strong arms on my body and I couldn’t move one bit.


They carried me back into the party room, where it was evident that they had been playing cards for the last couple of hours.


They put me in the middle of the room and I noticed my top had been pulled down. When I started to pull up my top, they simply pulled it down again. Then they pulled my panties down too.

I looked around and saw I wasn’t the only one that was in a state of partial undress, as the guys also had their cocks out.


“What going on!?” I yelled. Still groggy from sleep and confused.

Johnny lost a bet. It’s true, tell her Johnny.

Johnny was one of the guys – not someone I knew very well. Just one random guy living there.

It’s true, Amy, I lost a bet. I had no money.

They started fucking me in the couch, as Johnny continued to explain.


“So, since I didn’t have any money, I had to bet something else – and I decided to bet you. Sorry about that – I know you probably didn’t want to participate, but you were sleeping, so I couldn’t ask you.”

“Too bad you went to bed, I guess” Johnny apologized, while I was getting pussy and throat fucked at the same time.

They gave my throat a rest but I didn’t get much chance to say anything, as they filled my ass with cock instead.


I could only scream.

The other guys made me grab their cocks or they would pinch my nipples or pull my hair.


They started cumming in me as Johnny continued to explain.

“It’s my responsibility, Amy, I take full responsibility. I shouldn’t have bet you away, when you didn’t explicitly say that you were in on it. That was wrong of me, I guess” he admitted.

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys placed me on the floor and started cumming in my face.


“Johnny” I said.


“Don’t bet something that isn’t yours … OK?”

“OK” he said. I think he got the point.

Although I should probably have made sure to make him repeat it a few times, because only a few days later, he forgot it.

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