Contest nominees, part 2

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Anyway, where were we … ahh yes, the contest nominees. Well, good news, the delay has given more qualified contestants – I have a feeling the final winner will be found among one of these contestants.

Contestant #4
My girlfriend through the last 6 weeks is wearing a blindfold in one of our sex games. We met each other on adultfriendfinder and this is kind of our hobby.


Not bad. She is wearing a blindfold but it’s obvious that she is aware of what is going on. Why else would she be pointing her spread legs right at the camera. Thanks for the submission.

The next one is quite casual.

Contestant #5
It’s almost cheating for us to be in this contest. We’re naturists and are naked every other weekend with a group of friends. There is nothing sexual about it, we’re just having a good time being ourselves.


Certainly Contestant #5 looks relaxed. Thanks for the submission.

The last submission is a little outside of what I figured would be OK, but the submission is made by the girl herself, so it should be OK I guess.

Contestant #6
I had this picture taken as a dare from my then-boyfriend. He promised not to show anyone the picture and to my knowledge he didn’t. But what I think happened is that one of my other friends found the picture when she borrowed my computer and then she emailed it to herself – and later it had been sent around to pretty much everyone I know. I might as well see if I can make some money from it now.


Wow, what a picture.

There you have it. The 6 contestants. See the previous post to see the previous 3 contestants. Then cast your vote, on this poll.

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