Christmas Fundraiser

We were asked to be in the Christmas display at the mall. My name is Christina – my friends call me Chris. I am here with my friend Carol.


We were standing behind a large glass. Usually they set up mechanical elf’s but we had been convinced to help out by being the live entertainment. Totally voluntary, but we did it because it was for a good cause.

The mall would each year give 50000 USD to Save the Children foundation, but only if the Christmas display would raise more funds than the year before. The year before, they had raised 600 USD so we would have to beat that, to get the big amount for the children.

We were getting a few bucks here and there, but no where near enough. It was 6 PM already and we only had around 50 bucks. This was when Carol suggested we would sit on Santa’s lap.


It’s me on the right. “My panties are showing” I whispered to Carol. She hushed me. “Shh, look”. Some dude had put 10 bucks in the bucket just when we sat down. Wow, that had had an amazing effect!

As we were sitting there, we got a little more generous donations, but it was still nowhere near enough. We needed to find ideas on how to get people to give more. Carol said “Please donate” out through the window. But it didn’t work, partly because people don’t really give a damn and partly because they couldn’t hear us through the glass.

That’s when I got an idea. “Oh Santa, I think I’ve been a bad girl” I said and laid over the lap of Santa. He immediately picked up where I was going.


Santa slapped my butt and I kept going on with that kind of talk. “Oh yes Santa, punish me, I’ve been a bad girl”. Carol whispered in my ear. “Go on, we just earned 50 USD – as much as we earned all of the rest of day!”


I kept going for about 10 more minutes, when I whispered to Carol “How is it going now?”. She replied “Well, I think it’s getting old. That guy is standing around with a 10 dollar note but he is not putting it in.

“We gotta do something” I said and the guy elf seemed to have an idea. “I know” he said, pulled my panties off and put me on my back, then he put his little prop dog by my pussy to seemingly smell it.


“But …” I was confused “What is the idea?”

The elf was just playing and laughing with the dog. “Well, I didn’t think much further than this, but it seems to be working.” he said and pointed out through the window, where the dude had finally put his 10 dollars in.

I said “But people are waiting for the punch line, sort of, I think”. Although nudity will take you some of the way, I was under the impression it had to be a good roleplay with elfs and Santa – just getting nude in itself would not give that much.

“What, now I think it’s working”. A few guys put more notes in the bucket.

“No, I think that’s me Carol said”. Santa had had his own idea about what might work and Carol had not obstructed to his idea.


Still, the donations were nowhere near the level of our efforts, still 10 bucks here and there, but we had to come up with something fast, something that would make sense in the role that we were playing. “Come on, anyone has any idea” I said, as the elf was licking and fingering me. Good effort, but it just didn’t make sense.

“We do not have enough elf’s to have Christmas next year” Santa then said. “I believe it is time to re-populate the elf species a bit.” As he said it, it didn’t immediately make sense to me, but when he stuck his penis into my pussy, I got where he was going with it.


As I was being fucked, I was trying to stay in the role. “Yes, Santa, I will help re-populate the elf species with more elfs”

Santa was agreeing with me. “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes”

Seeing as Carol was not very busy, I said “You know Carol, it doesn’t have to be Santa that helps you repopulate the species”. Carol got my point and soon we had the best ‘mechanical’ Christmas display ever seen.


As time went by, we eventually got completely naked – just for the few extra bucks that would give us.


Santa changed pace at one point. He started going faster and faster, fucking me more than just the mechanical long lasting fuck that he had done so far.

“What’re you doing?” I whispered.

“It’s OK” Santa said.

“No, what if you come, you won’t be able to go on after that” I said.

That’s when he suddenly came in me!


“What the hell are you doing?” I said, no longer whispering.

“I came in you” he observed.

“I can see that! But what will we do now?” I asked.

“We already got the 500 bucks, there is no need to continue” he explained. Oh wow, I had not kept track of the money.

“But why did you have to cum in me!?” I then asked. “For realism. We had to repopulate the elf species, right?”

In any case, I was happy that the children would get the 50000 dollars. We had successfully raised 500 dollars in a single day of being in the Christmas display. In fact, we had earned a little more than 1200 dollars!

We would have to come up with something better next year.

Pictures by RealityKings

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  1. I saw these pictures and was trying to figure out a way to use them in a story too, but hadn’t got there yet… Then I saw yours and you beat me to the punch with a good one. Very amusing story… I can’t imagine what they are going to have to do next year to top their donations.

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