Conversion 2/5

Angie Black had agreed to come with us for a little photoshoot. We had promised her there would be no nudity and we had prepaid $50 of the $150 that we promised her for a few hours of photoshoot.

My name is Tony and my colleague’s called Andy. We actually want to have a nude photo shoot with her for our magazine, but figuring that she won’t go for that (partly because she said so) we are first having a different kind of photo shoot.

The outfit we gave her, is a semi short sweater and a pair of panties. No the panties are not see-through, but the fabric is kind of thin and it kind of seems a little bit sheer – that’s no coincidence.


My god, what a goddess. Imagine how rich we will be if we can get her to do nude modeling for us. She might now want to, but it’s worth a shot – and either way, these pictures will be gorgeous.

She looked at the picture and was quite content with the result. So were we. Really not bad at all. We had her shift position a bit so she was standing kind of from behind and twisting towards the camera. We snapped another picture and showed it to her.


“Good, but … it kind of looks like I’m not wearing panties” she commented. Surely it did. “But you are, so what does it matter?” I responded. “I guess … “

We took a few more pictures. I asked her to raise the sweater and good some good pictures of the slightly semi semi sheer panties.

After about 30 minutes of taking pictures like this, you may think we would try something like asking her to lower her sweater to show a nipple, or something like that. No, not yet, we couldn’t dare frighten her at this point. She was too hot! In case we scared her away, we would never find a model like this again.

Instead we looked at the pictures on the computer screen and edited them, meanwhile Angie was relaxing with a cocktail. As I sensed she was standing behind us, I happened to enlarge a picture of her slightly semi semi sheer panties.


I heard her hold back a gasp. She could kind of see they were kind of sheer but also realized there was absolutely nothing she could do about it at this point. We already had the picture. She was still out a $100 and didn’t want to object too much. After all, those panties were really not that sheer. Only a little.

“We really want to have another photo shoot with you. There was a lighting problem with this one and we can’t really use it, so we hope you understand you would have to stay for another one – we will have that one indoor. Is that OK? We will pay you another $150 of course”.

That last part of the sentence with the $150 was the kicker. She nodded. She right now had only $50 for a day’s work, but if she worked with us, she could get a total of $300 for less than a day’s work. Hard to say no to.

We decided to push it a little bit, and give her an outfit that was a little more see-through. The next step to a nude photoshoot.


The top had a pattern in it and I guess she didn’t realize right away from looking at it, just how sheer it was. In any case she let us take few pictures. When she looked at them she said with genuine surprise in her voice “That’s almost see-through! I said no nudity!”. “Calm down please” I said to her. “You are not nude, are you? It’s just a little sheer. No harm in that, is there?”

She calmed down a bit. She was probably remembering the panties from the previous photo shoot. They were also kind of sheer. No, this was not a big deal, she convinced herself. It was still very tasteful and breaking off the photo shoot at this point would accomplish nothing, except losing a lot of money of course.

She continued to follow my instructions. “Yes, hold it out a little like that” I instructed, pointing to her ’bra’.


This only made her bra appear even more sheer than it already was. Even if she wasn’t going to be convinced to go any further, these were still some great shots.

“Please hold your hands over your chest. Yes, your breasts.” I instructed. She did so hesitantly. Then I instructed her to take the bra of. There was a reason why I asked her to cover her breasts with her hands first. This would keep her breasts covered and make it feasible for her to take the bra off, while still covering her breasts.

As she held her own breasts, I snapped 10 or 20 pictures of that moment alone. A magnificent sight. We had truly found an amazing model. With a little luck, she was going to be convinced to model nude.


“Cut, that’s all” I said. Andy looked at my with a surprised look. Obviously he had thought that this was finally the time that we would try to get her naked. “Not yet” I mouthed to him.

“Ahh, I see the lights are back, just in time” I said and looked out the window. Can you change back into the other outfit, then we can finish the photo shoot outside.

She understood correctly that we were not going to deem the photo shoot complete until we had another session outside. As per her understanding, it had been incomplete because of lighting problems and we needed to halt it for a while. Of course, the real reason was that we were playing around with her.


Back outside, she was doing beautiful poses, but now was finally the time to convince her to show some nudity. After a few shots outside, I decided it would be a good idea to show her all the pictures we had already taken of her. I focused on those that showed her breasts most visibly. She was not happy with the situation but didn’t say anything. That would be pointless. But she realized that her breasts would more or less be in a magazine regardless of what she did, and that was really the point.

“We would like to offer you some extra money if you would lower your sweater. We will pay you all in all $400 for that.” (This was just $100 more than what we had already promised her of course, but phrasing it this way, it sounded of more).

“$500” she replied back. YES! Little did she know that we would pay her thousands of dollars for that, we have quite a large budget – but no reason to tell her that of course. “Sure” I responded “Go ahead and lower the sweater now”


JACKPOT. That sight was amazing. We sure had found the most amazing body for our magazine. Angie was gonna be a great star – and we found her!

“Good” I continued, not trying to sound as excited as I actually was. “Yes, just let the sweater drop”. We spent 15 more minutes taking pictures of her topless.

I had her pull at her panties a little bit, just to help on the sheerness of them. I snapped lots of pictures like that. This one is the best one.


I showed the picture to her and then proposed “Why don’t you take those off too, we could get some great pictures that way”. I was gonna let her suggest extra payment and then catch her in it by promptly accepted.

“Then I want another $500!” she said. “Sure” I responded immediately. “You got it”.

Then she did what had been absolutely unthinkable earlier this same day, when we saw her in Athens by the ocean. She dropped her panties and posed for us naked.


She was instinctively shy at first, kind of holding her arms in front of her body. But I was gonna make sure she didn’t get used to that. I instructed her “No, keep your hands on your hip and sway it … yes, sway the hip a little bit.”



Picture of the year, isn’t it?

We took some more pictures and the photo shoot soon ended. I gave her $450 in cash and told her I needed her phone number and address so I could send her the remaining $500 to her – and also, I wanted to be absolutely sure to be able to get in touch with her.

I didn’t have the extra $500 so she had to accept that arrangement. It wouldn’t be long before I contacted her again.


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