Conversion 3/5

We had invited Angie Black back – we hadn’t been able to send her the money, so we suggested she come get it. Of course, we were going to offer her another photo shoot.

“Here’s your $500” I said and handed her exactly that in cash. She should know that she can count on us paying up. “Do you wanna make another $500, just a quick 1 hour photo shoot? And on top of that, we’ll take you out for dinner”.

“What kind of photo shoot? With nudity again?” She asked. “Of course” I responded, “you have a beautiful body, why not use it to take advantage of us”. I said.

“$500? You have the cash here?” she asked, suspicious. Remember, last time I didn’t pay her right away so she was right to be a little suspicious I guess. “Sure, I have it right here” I said and showed her the money.


She was in. She was already dressed up fine … for a nude photo shoot – we would need her to take that off anyway, so not much preparation is needed. In that way, nude photo shoots are really much easier than clothed ones.

She was not slow to take her top off and was soon wiggling her skirt off too. I guess she wanted to get started quickly and be done quickly.


However, surprisingly, I stopped her. I wanted to keep the skirt as a prop in the photo shoot – and also I wanted to stay in control. I didn’t want her to start taking charge of these photo shoots, I needed to call the shots on what to do. “No, keep that on and lie on the couch” I instructed.

She lied down. I instructed her on how to position her legs, and snapped a great shot of her. This shot alone would make both me and Andy rich – little did Angie know how rich we would get off of her.


“That’s good” I said, understating just how good it was. “Now sit up a little bit and spread your legs”. As she did it, her pussy really came on display and I made sure to snap a lot of good pictures.

Now you’ll understand why I needed to be in control. “Now take both your hands towards your vagina and keep them there”. I snapped a few more pictures, for effect. “Now touch each of your labia and spread them out a little bit.”

Angie hesitated for a moment, but continued after I encouraged her. “Quickly now, yes, just like that”.


“Yes, that’s good”.

Andy signaled to me from the other end of the room, without Angie noticing it. I continued to take a few pictures but looked up. I saw he was signaling with a little plastic dildo. Great idea. “My assistant Andy will now hand you a little prop.” I said.

Andy put it in her hand and guided her hand towards her pussy and then helped her insert it. She gave out a little gasp and then continued to insert it and use it to play with her pussy.


She was definitely a nude model and beyond now. Now there was no more doubt in my mind, that we could get her to come model nude for us in the future. She was completely ‘broken in’ and relaxed about ‘just’ modeling nude after this photo shoot.

I made sure to get a lot of good pictures and didn’t say anything else through the rest of the photo shoot. I just let her be in her own world and captured the moment.

When the photo shoot was over, Angie got dressed and was about to say goodbye. I reminded her that we were gonna take her out for dinner and handed her, her $500 in cash in ten fifties.

We went out and we ordered some good food. We went to a really classy place – also a bit expensive.


At one point I announced I was going to buy a round of cocktails for the three of us. As we had enjoyed the cocktails, Andy did the same. Then it was obviously Angie’s turn to give a round – and so with money in her pocket, she wasn’t slow to buy us a round.

We got a little drunk, all of is, it ended up being a long night. One of my favorite moments of the night, was when Angie lied on the piano and one of her nipples almost feel out of her dress. Damn, that was sexy.


When the night was over, she had spent almost $300. Well, Andy and I had spent almost $600 each, but we liked the fact that we were maybe able to give Angie some more expensive habits.

We were sure we could convince Angie to come back for another photo shoot – maybe even take it further.


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